Is there any way to expand the Macro Limit?

Hello all,
Is there any way to expand the library of macros in GSE? I’m playing some chars, and am quickly running into the problem that I’m not allowed/cannot add more macros to my library. I know that the limitation probably has your reason, but still it’s like that I would like to use GSE also on my [innumerable :P] Twinks.

Thank you in advance.

have a nice evening,

kindest regards, Fluff

thats your personal macros, you have to delete ones you dont need !

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Ah oh! So it’s not GSE that’s the problem, but that I’ve used too many macros away from GSE? makes eyes extremely wide Thank you for enlightening me.

your allowed a total of 18 Macros. that is personal and GSE together. type /m and you can see all the macros you have.