Is this even possible?


I am new to this. I have been reading on internet all day and i cant find this “simple” macro anywhere. So firstly i wounder if this even is possible?

So to the point!

I am trying to make a macro that cast Felblade at first and when it is on CD i am hoping Demon´s Bite could be cast meanwhile untill Felblade´s CD is reset, and then cast Felblade again and repeat.

I read on a forum that it could be done with a macro addon so i downloaded Macro Toolkit on “course”. But i have been trying different sequenses and the normal way to “/cast” and nothing works…

Reason is:
I just got “Raddons Cascading Eyes” and doing a meta build so i am trying to keep meta up as much as possible from Eye Beam, Demonic appetite (shards) etc. My build is:
2. 3, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3

I dearly hope someone can give me an answer, my day should have been saved since i am raidning tonight and new “key binds” are not a good thing for me when i am concentrated on other things.


I fond a solution and it works!!

Downloaded GSE on Course and recorded my actions and then the program created a working macro for me :).

Curse :smiley:

/cast Felblade
/cast Demon’s Bite