Is using punchkey bannable to set MS speed?

I searched for 2 good hours and can’t find much on the use of third party programs to set an MS spammable toggle key. I see a lot of mixed answers across the internet on different forums, As far as I know, Im setup right, based on the guides here.

BUT. Will the use of the third party program get me banned? Right now I use GSE (not bannable) then I tell punchkey (maybe bannable?) to press that GSE macro key at 10ms until I press it again to stop spamming the key. Can anyone give me a solid yes or no if it’ll get me banned? I assume it’s ok because the guides are saying to set an “MS speed” in these guides on here. I actually learned of punchkey from this site.

Sorry to ask here but I really can’t find any definitive yes or no’s aside from asking a GM.

im blizzard ToS yes 3rd party softwares can get u banned if they are used to automate an action etc but from what i know none have really gotten banned for it.

So they could potentially send out huge ban waves whenever they feel like it? Seems pretty risky.

ive used other 3rd party softwares i shouldnt be using on my main account yet ive not gotten banned since WoD and i doubt blizz really cares about most 3rd party softwares at this point

I decided to at least go with AHK just now, I read on a lot of other forums its on their approved list (if not being abused). I set it to 150ms up from 10ms. Thanks guys for responding. So it’s kinda “up in the air” I take it.

Hey, Some of these comments are saying they have been using 3rd party programs for years with no effect. yes a chunk of people slip through but a chunk dont. for example myself. I have had seperate IP addressed accounts on seperate hardware id computers/names so 100% not linked to other accounts. They got banned by using 3rd party software such as Honorbuddy ( yes blizz was in a lawsuite with them and they did a huge banwave hitting like 100k accounts). I have had guildies use 3rd party software to alter local game code to change your toon to for example play as an orc while they are really a human ( only the viewer model on your personal computer changes so its just for fun and no one else sees it. ) and they got banned. I personally use razer/ whatever company your hardware is to have it send 1 keypress ata time to my computer but at a set ms rate if i hold it. I can also set it as a toggle switch like your mentioned program for 1 click runs until i click it again. I feel thats risky so i just hold the buttons down. just be carefull using 3rd party programs. another thing i forgot to mention was at one time i used cheatengine software to hack facebook games, it was on wows flagged list, i forgot to close it when i went to just play wow by hand while doing the facebook stuff on the other screen. wow auto perma banned that account since they detected it open while i logged into wow. not overturned either.

TLDR: be careful with 3rd party programs, i would only trust AHK and hardware specific programs and if you feel its abuse, dont do it. be safe :slight_smile:

thanks for the incredibly detailed post! yeah ill be safe and use AHK responsibly. My hand was shattered some years back so I get crazy carpel tunnel pressing 1 over and over haha. If I catch a hint that it isn’t safe anymore to use AHK to press the button for me while I play then ill stop using it immediately.

I’ve been using 3rd party for about 2-3 years and I’ve never once had anything said to me.