ISellGoldlol-Pagle US Fury one button

Currently im at work typing this i will upload my single target rotation macro and an seperate Aoe macro to this post and keep update as much as i can as i play…

This macro can be use to leveling, raid, quest or solo environments and not recommended for PVP

3-7k DPS patchwerk 4000 gearscore +
5-8k DPS AOE/dungeons or 4+ mobs 4000 gearscore +

ONE BUTTON Single target Burst


ONE BUTTON Aoe burst


You can edit here if you use trinkets
Im using DMC greatness and mirror of truth so i disabke the trinkets and if your not an engineer you can disable the hyperspeed block or replace your gloves in the box.

Current MS is 250

How to improve as a fury warrior, recommendations = Dont go in spamming this macro off the bat in a dungeon you will either lose rage or instantly pull threat and die either wait a few seconds for tank to pick up threat especially if its an warrior tank.

NOTE:: if mobs are dying fast disable the death wish and recklessness block and manually use it on boss fight. IF YOU leave it enable during trash pull you will guarantee die lol

**If your wondering will blizzard ban me for me this?? THE answer is NO gse, weakauras, ahk is allowed and is not against

PROTECTION WARRIOR ONE BUTTON ahk toggle with weakaura using AHK

Working but needs tweaking

Love what you posted. Looking forward to the update whenever you have time that is =)

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Thanks bandit, ill test it over again to make sure its good to go before posting it

macros is updated make sure it set at 250 MS… Let me know if there is any issues…


**removed slam since it will use with or without bloodsurge proc

**Engineer gloves block disable by default to enable uncheck the red box and put in your engineer gloves that have hyperspeed

**removed rend due to poor performance and dps lost

** removed execute due to poor scaling and dps lost

12/23 - protection warrior is working but need adjustments using one button 350 MS

Changed the misleading title to something more appropriate.

It was misleading as any macro will perform differently for everyone.

Thank you for correcting it

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