Issue trying to use the [mod] condition

Hi guys,

I m trying to make a macro using GSE for my basic rotation.
The issue is that i cant make it work using the [mod] condition.

I want it to cast Rafale hurlante (Howling Blast in english) when the shift key is hold instead of casting Hiver impitoyable (Remorseless Winter in english).

Everything is working as intended except that nothing happens when i hold the shift key when if want to use Rafale hurlante instead of Hiver impitoyable using this macro.

Here is my macro :

/cast [mod:shift] Rafale hurlante; Hiver impitoyable
/cast Frappe de givre
/cast Anéantissement

Thanks in advance.

Any help please? :frowning:

I think u want some sort of a toggle :slight_smile: maybe this will work 4 u:

/cast [mod:shift] Rafale hurlante
/cast [nomod] Hiver impitoyable
/cast Frappe de givre
/cast Anéantissement


@Manu - check your in-game key bindings and remove EVERYTHING that has Shift, Alt and Ctrl from bind. and then you are all set.

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Thanks Vynivas, the issue was coming from having my additional bars set to be used while pressing shift for the 2nd one and ctrl for the 3rd one.

I did exactly what you said. I deleted all keybind with ctrl, alt and or shift even if they had a + another key with them. So if it had ctrl, alt, or shift mentioned in any keybind, i deleted it and the mod started working. Thanks