Issue with macros

Hello all. Just wondered is anyone could help with a macro issue I am having. I used the macro from the DK sticky Death Knight Compendium but every time I use it, it never summons my ghoul to fight with me. I can even add other abilities like Empower Rune Weapon and they work without any problem, just not Raise Dead.

Anyone know what could cause this?


That topic has macros with way too many priority lines. It was discussed here somewhere and the max you can use is 5 priorities. If more than 5 are inserted then the macros skip lines.

Try this instead. BB, HB & ERW on separate button and to be used separately as needed. Make a separate macro for execute phase with SR line below Obliterate. Things may have changed since I haven’t played for about 2 months.

Spec: 2H Frost 1,2,1,1,1,2

/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/castsequence reset=target Howling Blast,Plague Strike,null
/castsequence reset=0.3 0,0,0,0,Horn of Winter
/castsequence reset=0.3 0,0,0,Raise Dead
/castsequence reset=0.3 0,0,Frost Strike
/castsequence reset=0.3 0,Obliterate
/castsequence reset=5/target Death's Advance,Plague Strike
/cast [combat] Pillar of Frost
/cast [combat] Blood Tap
/use [combat] 13
/use [combat] 14
/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide();
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1

Thanks a lot. I will give that a try.

sounds lazy on my side but let me know how it works out. I’m currently doing UH as my OS and feel really comfortable, but, I’ve always loved frost and would love for a reason to go back to it. I’d go Frost as my MS, but, I’m completely geared for Blood and don’t want that to go to waste :smiley: