Issue with my macro, pet tries attack corpses when looting. (SOLVED)

SOLVED. Still interested in solution if anyone know how to change it.

Culprit was
/cast Claw
/cast Bite
/cast Smack

Hi. I am suddenly having a weird issue with the compilation I made. My pet tries to attack corpse when I loot while macro runs. This ain’t happening with any other macros I use. Could someone look into it and clear it up to help?. Yes I know I have /petattack [@target] in macro, tought it might be issue, but Blitz macro also has this and it ain’t happening with his macro.

/targetenemy [noharm,dead]
/petattack [@target]
/petautocaston Growl
/cast [nopet,nodead] Call Pet 1; [@pet,dead] Revive Pet
/cast [target=focus, exists, nodead],[target=combat, pet, exists, nodead] Misdirection
/cast [combat,pet:Spirit Beast,@player] Spirit Mend
/cast Claw
/cast Bite
/cast Smack
/cast Spirit Shock
/cast [mod:shift] Intimidation
/cast [mod:ctrl] Multi-Shot
/cast [mod:alt] Counter Shot

/cast [combat] Revive Pet
/cast [combat] Aspect of the Wild
/cast [combat] Bestial Wrath

/castsequence [@pet,combat] reset=combat Revive Pet
/cast A Murder of Crows
/cast Kill Command
/castsequence Cobra Shot, Cobra Shot
/castsequence Kill Command, Barbed Shot
/castsequence Kill Command, Chimaera Shot
/castsequence Kill Command, Cobra Shot
/castsequence Kill Command, Chimaera Shot
/castsequence Kill Command, Barbed Shot