It's time for a major site cleanup

Forgive me if this sounds offensive, it’s not intended to be, but I am extremely frustrated. Yesterday’s WoW patch seems to have literally killed “Gnomesequencer”, the original with sequences.lua.

Fine, I understand that is a different addon. Gnomesequencer is not GS is not GSE is not GS-2 etc, etc. That’s extremely confusing btw and it doesn’t help that the documentation here is still telling me to load something that isn’t supported. Says it will have 3 folders within the download but there is only one etc.

I’ll back up a bit here and walk you through this…

Step #1 - The addon Gnomesequencer is defunct, WoW wants nothig to do with it post-patch. Delete it.

Step #2 - Come here and see what you can use, click on the “Addons” button up top of the left sidebar, that’s the logical place to look, right? Wrong, click on the “How do I install GSE” link leads you to a forum post where a guy has written “Ok, I’m about to break my head on my keyboard I’m so frustrated.” which I totally understand right now. GSE, is that even what I want? No link… and it’s talking about 6.5+ but… does that go up to 7.2.5 because it certainly doesn’t seem to.

Step #3 - Nothing here is helping me find what I need. Fine, go to curse, download from there, says it was updated 5 hours ago. Great.

Step #4 - OMG it’s installed, says to type /gs to get to the addon screen, touchdown… it works. oh, wait…

Step #5 - The option to get macros from the forum is blank, there is no way to import, it’s broken. It says successful but since there is absolutely NOTHING to pick to import it successfully imports… nothing. Fine.

Step #6 - I see some sample macros, lets at least load up one of those and get in the game. Here’s one, says it’s for my balance druid, great. SAM_Boomer… OK, lets take a look. Click - lots of empty boxes, gmmm. Oh, I see a little #1 tucked beside the settings tab I am on, what’s there. AHHHH, bingo, it’s a MACRO BABY!!!. aw… shit.

Step #7 - Clicking on the “create Icon” button, I assumed, would add the macro to my characters macro list, but it doesn’t. It’s not full, I have just 3 macros for my characer there now that I had to rip out all my Gnomesequencer macros. Still, no luck, the button does nothing.

Step #8 - Come here to read a bit more, oh what’s this? A cool “automatically create icon” feature was added as a quality of life fix, yes please, I need that improvement. Aw crap, I cannot import so there’s not icon creation happening now is there.

I’ll stop there, you know the frustration is not gone and I risk actually getting snarky, and I’ll try to describe the real problem here.

The real problem is that I’m not illiterate. I am fully capable of creating and tweeking my own macros and all of the above I describe is frustration with a “helper” set of tools. I mean all of the above was designed to make is EASIER for my to get a macro in wow but all of it, to me, is simply bloat because if any one of the steps doesn’t work right you’re cooked and, thanks to Bliz, count on them often not working right.

Gnomesequencer was GREAT - I slap a macro I’ve written in a file and lets roll. I appreciate the most recent versions trying to make it EASIER to get to that same point but all the layers of stuff you have to go through, understand and do just to get to the same end are now huge in comparison.

Man I just want to write a quick macro and let it rip ya know? WoW broke being able to just do that in their interface(with sequences etc) so I found gnomesequencer. Gnomesequencer has been abandoned by all appearance in favor of this much larger “helper” tool to get the same end result and, right now, several things with the helper feature are not working and the documentation is confusing or non existant.

PLEASE, just a suggestion, make it all simple again. It is simple to you because you work with it all the time and know it well but in reality it’s a whole lot more bells and whistles and the one thing I can’t do is slap a macro on here and GO. I have to use all of the bells and whistles or it WON’T go, and it’s such a pretty macro I’ve written.

Please - in the “addons” button right under the logo put a static link to the latest version of the right addon. It’s really not good that the first thing you see is some poor schmuch wanting to break his keyboard with his forehead too.

Can’t import + can’t create icon = can’t play. You really need to get back to simplicity, if I have a macro I need to just paste it and go, not paste it, use the broken helpful features and need a new keyboard. OK this became a rant, I appologize, but it’s gotten too complicated in terms of one thing breaks = no playing possible.

I would kill for a simple empty box to paste my macro into, select an icon for it, and use it. No longer possible.

so with you on this one :frowning:

I don’t want to belittle the personal time and effort that goes into the programming, bug fixing, and constant updating, but I do miss just being able to paste a macro into a .txt file and I believe that change was necessary because of something Blizz did, not the GS programmer/s.