Ive tried all the feral macros here, and they all do poor damage- especially for pvp

does anyone have a really good macro?

My advice is to make one yourself or modify one of the ones on here to suit your playing style.

The problem with combo point macros here is you just cant make one that does really good damage. If you play casually and dont care about being competitive in DPS this is what these macros are for.

The only type of rotation that GSE works good with is the rotations that have you hit a button as soon as it come off cooldown. Tanks in particular work very well. BM Hunter works pretty good too. Some classes are more difficult than others.

Feral Druid is a very complicated rotation as you need to keep track of 3 bleeds without letting it fall off and make full use of your Pandemic. All the while Doing a Ferocious Bite if you see your bleeds wont fall off before you get 5 combo points. Overall Feral imo is more difficult than a rogue.

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id make my own but i dnt know all these programming syntaxes im seeing in these macros.


Yeah i have the same. tryed all macros.

Only with BM and tank works very good… another spec nice inc burst and later lost many dps…

(sry for my english)

Take someones Macro, right click to go into the Macro and look at what the macro actually does. What I do is I like to be lazy but yet competitive. So I look at a Macro I take out everything I want control over and leave the rest in. Sometimes it’s just 2 or 3 spells, but to me, that is 2 or 3 spells that I dont have to worry about. All the while I use my more important spells when I want to.

For Example My Guardian Druid who is over 2100 M+ score and 9/10 Heroic SOD. I have used Lazy Macros for my entire Shadowlands experience. I have Thrash Swipe and Mangle going automatically on a macro. That’s It. I use ctrl to use Ironfur and Alt to use Frenzied Regen when I need it. I find i waste alot of Rage when Ironfur and Frenzied Regen is in the macro firing off automatically. Especially when I’m at full health or when the other tank is tanking the boss. Thats just a waste. I use Incarnation, Barksin, Renewal, Trinkets, and Survival Instincts all on keybinds on my keyboard.

The reason I do this is you wont be able to tank anything of significant difficulty if you’re blowing your defensive cooldowns when you’re at full health. You need to save them for when you are taking a lot of damage. What this macro does do is spams the 3 base spells (Thrash, Mangle and Swipe) over and over while letting me control my defensive / offensive cooldowns. The ease of the Guardian Druid Rotation makes GSE a perfect tool for playing it.