Izzerri Protection Paladin 08/06/2022

I will be adding a new version with more word of glory cast for more healing for solo play, will have auto-cast avenging wrath in the macro. I am going to field test it some, seems to do ok on dummies, but want to get the feel of it in real combat.
If anyone wants a mod version of this when I am done let me know. I am not adding it at this point since the macro has 9 version in it and getting a little heavy lol.
I might split macro into an additional macro to reduce the amount of versions the macro has. I am open to opinions on this.

OK did an update, after testing new solo play versions, (cast avenger’s wrath on cooldown and added more word of glory casts while keeping the shield of the righteous buff on you) I add those to the macro.
I also added in more avenger’s shield cast in an attempt to capture all of the procs.

Also, if you update. make sure you set your version to the one you want. Izzi uploaded it with the default being “9”. :slight_smile:

yeah set it there for my wife. always check the version you want, I never know what I am doing, there is no way you will.

I know your macros are great. I’ll be testing this one and I’ll give extensive feedback! I’ll probably remove the important casts if anything since I like to control them. Stay tuned!

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@Izzi thnx for macro. Can you please tell, how to add me this ring to rotation to use every 31 sec? xD

I believe there is a ring check box on the bottom of the macro included in gse. Check the box and it should use the ring.
If that does not work you can input a new line that says
/use Ring of Collapsing Futures

I hope that helps

GSE uses it on cooldown. If you use it faster then every 15 sec, you recieve 5 min CD. But if you use it directly every 15 sec - everything works fine. Strange logic, but it works as it is. So how to use it directly after some amount of seconds? Is it possible?

bah that does make it tougher to use. So you need it to go off every 15-30 seconds or it locks it self for 5 minutes. Let me think if there is a way. I know there are reset timers
/use reset=30 Ring of Collapsing Futures
But if I read right those only start the timer when macro is not touched. But I am not sure. Never had good luck with those timers.

Let me think on it a sec.

Thanks for explanation!

trying a few things out had to log pally in and get him to a training dummy. I will see if I can get something to work for you. keeping my fingers crossed

can’t think of a great way to have it go off on a timer.

Since I don’t have the same item hard for me to test and see if my ideas work or not.

The only idea that I can come up with that may work, is to put the ring use line in before the loop section of the macro.

so make a block right above the loop saying

/use Ring of Collapsing Futures

And then increase the number of loops to simulate a timer before the macro tries to use the item again.
At best this may work and all goes well.
Or this could work but lower your dps waiting on refresh timers to come up (have not tested to see if there is a drop or not)
And maybe it will use the item to fast anyways and cause you to suffer the 5 minute cool down timer. But I can’t tell if it will or not.

But that is the only way I can see trying to use the item with a built in timer, other then manually. if it was a spell you could put it behind a slower recasting spell, but items don’t work that way. there is no /usesequence and you can’t put an item in a /castsquence because you are not casting it.

Maybe someone else may know of a way better then I.

I did this and it pops of everytime after Blessing of Freedom is casted.
Its not the most optimal thing to do but 25s cooldown on Blessing is perfect for the trinket :slight_smile:
I play Kyrian so this is done on your nr8 and the first line

Test and see what you think about this idea.

good to know I forgot the slot commands for trinkets, have not used them in so long