Izzerri Sub Rogue Macro 12/31/2021

Playing around with the macro after over a year of neglect. This is a giant work in progress, since I rarely play a rogue. So I am more then willing to take suggestions. Anyone who can test it out for me let me know what I need to change or add.



Talents: 2332231

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.55.


I forgot to add I run mine at 100ms

Love your arms macros for warrior is this one still a work in progress or nah?

yeah, have not spent much time on it recently.

will try to make time, more then likely will be on the weekend

Awesome. Looking forward to it!

Sweet can’t wait to see what you have cooked up for this one

Well some adjustments and toying around. trying to get the flow right. Still not where I want it to be but moving forward at least.

can’t decide if I like Shadow focus or nightstalker better. Any input? I test out about the same on test dumby

Nightstalker seems like it would be a good option for pvp since you wanna go fast…sorry currently at work so can’t help test atm

Yeah, and honestly I like to move faster in stealth. Damage seems to be about the same. I put it a side for the moment and working on Frost DK macro someone was asking for. I will try to test more later as I get more time.

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Nightstalker is choice for me.

little over a year and finally messing with rogue macro again. Any advise on what to change is welcomed.


It seems no one really uses or posts here anymore. Most Macros are unchanged in a long time

yeah, I get that. But only way to change that is by start posting I guess

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I really wish all the old scripters were still creating macro’s. I emjoy the game more. I dont really understand the new GSE and dont have a lot if spare time to learn.

Also I have never really played rogue so I dont know how to help!

Wondering if this is working for you.

I boosted a rogue to 50 pre 9.0 patch and never played it.
I played around last night and did a torgast pre60 daily. I survived. It seemed good but I have 0 base line.
Is it important for finishers to go off on max? They seemed to fire at 3 or 4 bubbles.
I wondered if it would be better to have them manually hit. But then its not really a one butto n macro.
But i killed and did not die. So its doesn’t seem broken.

Yeah you would like them to go off at max. I honestly neglect my rogue more often then not. Since I prefer tanking and healing most in the game. I try and play DPS roles, but I grow bored with them much of the time. I should log in my rogue and run this a few times. To see if there is some tweaking that needs done.

Thank you for the input. Only way I know if there is work to be done if I get some outside input.
I have heard rogues and priest are the worst in torgast, not sure if that is true or not but was reading on them the other day. Since my wife and I took a break for 6 months, and rarely played in shadowlands, did not care for the expansion when it came out.

Been trying to get back into the swing again. But I will try to take a look at the rogue macro this weekend.

Thanks again for checking it out.