Izzerri windwalker Macro package 02/19/2022

run @250 ms


Usage Information

ver 1 main
ver 2 sub level 10

This macro contains 2 macro templates. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.58.

  • The Default macro template is 1

Awesome Macro! been playing around with it and it runs nice and smooth. I have been trying to get a macro going myself too, but never had the time.

Awesome job and keep it up!


Nice macro but why are the talents so different between the 2 macros listed?

1,2,2,3,1,3,2 are listed on the ST macro yet 3,2,2,3,1,3,2 is listed on the AoE one, which do you use?

what is listed in single target. I will fix that.

sorry did not realize that the talents were different, I had an issue when making this macro that caused me to have to make a new version of it because I could not make an icon for the old one. I never deleted the icon. When I changed my mind on the first talent I wanted to take I updated the old macro talent selection and not the one that was working for me. I have fixed that.

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Hi Izzi, Macro works well , very smooth, thanks for that.
I want to implement covenant abillity from necrolords BONEDUST BREW, can you help please to implement that ?

Have a nice Christmas

you should be able to add it to the key sequence section of the macro.
type /copy line below and add it there

/cast [@player, exists, combat] Bonedust Brew

Let me know how it works out for you

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Why can’t I release some of my skills,Network reason? Merry Christmas

Dumb question, but what does “run @100ms” mean?

if you are using mouse software or autohotkey the speed you would have it run.

I am not sure I totally understand your issue.

Hi izzy works super thank you very much. Monk is realy strong and a lot of fun with your macro.

Merry christmas and stay healthy

glad I could help a little

@Izzi hey sir how is the dps or parse of this macro on heroics?

@bagnyemas try it and let us know!!
Im getting ready to level my monk…I’ll try all the macro’s listed. I’ll probably link these two macros to use the aoe on shift though…

I do not have any phasing of this in heroics. Wife and I jump toons way too much and have yet to run monks in heroics. I did not want to ignore your reply. I just can’t give you that info you are asking for. Maybe someone else can share theirs if they have used it there.

That should work wife and I prefer them in two macros. but should work great combined with modifier.

Can i use your macro with Hit Combo?

I am not sure. It might work ok, I personally have not tested it. I will have to test it on my monk see how well it works.

I ran a small test on my monk got to 6 charges no issue. I did not do an extensive test. but in the short test it worked fine.