Izzi AoE Dev Evoker

OK finally got the AoE macro done. Seems to be working well.

Note- Two spells cast @cursor so make sure you have it where you want it.

Evoker plugin is process of being approved on curseforge. All future updates will be added to the plugin, when it is available.

As always I am happy to take suggestion and feedback to make the macros better.


Usage Information

run at 250

version 1 - 11/27/2022

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.21.

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Thanks for this. I’m getting amazing dps.

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Thanks Izzi for all the hard work. Looks good so far, the only change I made is to use @Target instead of @mouse as some times I have my mouse else where to the side. Again, thanks for all your hard work.

I do not believe @target will work, Something about making AoE spells to powerful. Let me know if that works, because if it does then they changed something that I am not aware of.

Yeah, I was playing Melee before and I was using @player, thought @target would work, but you are correct, they won’t fire. For now it looks like only @player and @cursor would work.

Your AOE and ST talents are very different. Any chance of a happy medium?

that is my next, a cross of the two. Wanted to make the best of each first.

Both are great macros and seem to work well.

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Hey @Izzi can you make a link that’s exported from wowhead for this talent build? i have a hard time seeing, so doing it manually is getting harder and harder for me to see. importing it is super easy.

Yeah no problem I will let you know when it is updated


i have problem with fire breath cant cast if i spam macro

strange I will try to make time to look at it tonight hopefully.

I keep getting an error that says can’t use in this area I know it’s boon of the covenants that causing the issue, I tried to do a raw edit and remove the line 3 but when I hit compile and save it keeps going back to putting that line in there. Is there anyway to update it to remove those since they wont work in Dragon flight Thank you

yeah I should be able to do that

Thank you for all that you do

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OK I looked at the fire breath issue and I removed the covenant ability so you won’t get that message anymore.

The AOE evoker macro is added to the EVOKER

I should be playing a lot this week and plan on getting all my addons updated/built as fast as I can.

You can get them all at curseforge , add addon, and search GSE or izzi.

All future updates will be done here through the addon, so you can update the macros and your addons at the same time.

Sorry for not getting back sooner not sure if its me or what but I removed all macros from GSE for the Evoker and added this one and also your single target and both still have boon of convents when I look at the raw edit, any suggestions thank you

I am currently working this class up, slowly have had low play times, I will be up dating it soon. I would just remove the boon of covenants block