Izzi Zookeeper demo 10.0 11/24/2022

broke my zookeeper trying to learn to code it. now i cant re-install from curse addon. can someone drop me a copy of the zookeeper plz

go to GSE/Options/Plugins. Click the plugin and it should reimport it.

updated on curseforge

Just updated this on CurseForge and the talents still dont work. In your Config this is what it is atm:

this is what is in his macro config, i took this straight from inside the game


Very Odd as this is what I see:

Oh NVM - I didnt use the “UPDATE TALENT TREE” Button … stupid of me

also, you have a out dated macro.

What ms to use in this macro

made at 250ms but you’re free to experiment , I use all izzi’s macro’s at 100-150ms

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Will the talents and macro get an update anytime soon? I loved this macro pre 10.07!

i want to say hope so, but Izzi been MIA for almost 2 months, not in game or putting out macros.
For the time being, i would suggest Elfyau’s updated macro. til Izzi comes back.

I tried it, but it’s too slow. This is my current build at lvl 66 using the macro as is

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I am using your recommended setting at lvl 62 and it works like a dream!!!So thank you for sharing !!!

Any way I can get an updated talent string code for this?

you’ll need to go to Wowhead or icy-veins for that