Izzi's unholy 10.0 11/23/2022

added plugins for all my macros on curseforge. All up-dates will be done there from now on.

But I am always willing to listen to any suggestion and feedback you may have here on wowlazymacros.

I haven’t spent a lot of time with this, but you have Death and Decay set up to immediately blow both charges out of the gate (1 12). If you just move it out out of your loop to it’s own block at the top, it will fire one charge, then go through your loop twice before it fires the second which is around the time the first application will be wearing off.

Can you post the edit with this change? Thanks

I will look at this, I will look at placement of the death and decay. I was did not notice this issue. And I thank you for pointing it out. I have had my hands full last few nights with many macros. Must have missed it.

As always thank you for the feedback

Updated the macro. The update was added to the plugin on curseforge.

thank you great work

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Thank you Iz and sorry for not replying right away Kimchi! I’m glad you’ve got the original authors edit to play with though.

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Good macros and talents, I just don’t know what to give above lvl 60, I can’t find this combination anywhere, which continues, every time I find a different talent composition. this suits me. Sorry for the English, I’m using a translator

I have not gotten this class up to 70 yet, will update when I do.

Hello love the marco when you hit 70 any way you can make a pvp side of it also ? if not to much to ask ty

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will put that on the list also

will donate for a really good pvp macro, add me on discord Kbg#7693

updated to lvl 70

You can download the newest version of the macro here [Unholy] or you can find the plugin in your curseforge app. Select get more addons and search either GSE or izzi

To use plugin after it is downloaded, open your GSE addon in game by typing /GSE,
Select Options
Then select plugins
And then click one plugin you want to load.
Close the option window and the macros should be loaded there for you to use by dragging the icon to you action bar.

All future updates will be through the curseforge app.

And if you would like to send me a thankyou donation. You donate to me you using [paypal]

As always have any questions, concerns or suggestions please let me. I truly enjoy the feedback and suggestions to make the macros better for you and me. You can leave your suggestions and ideas here or on the the discord server posted below

Updated plugin

Some idiot named izzi did not copy the full talent string in the macro.
That errror has been fixed and izzi been slapped around a few times as punishment.

The plugin is now correct and the talent string is as follows


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Well that is good to hear cause I was Slapping myself because I thought that I did something wrong when I copied and pasted the talent string.

P.S. I don’t think you are an idiot. You are doing good work here and I want to say Thank You!!!


ok I forgot I was working on a macro for st that someone was wanting, and I was looking at and the talents above are not correct.


are the correct talents again sorry about that

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Hello Im sorry if this a noob question but im new to macros. as posted above it says run at 250. where would i input this 250 and would you bind this macro to the scroll wheel or a key and I just keep pressing the key. Thank you

you can manually press the button repeatedly, you can bind the action bar button to scroller wheel, or many use a program either gaming mouse/keyboard or ahk.
I if you are going spam press the button or put on mouse wheel I would not worry about it

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Thank you for the quick response very helpful!

NP, I am glad to help