Any good PVE macro for UNholy?

i try everything and there is not a single good once just wondering testing ST mostly and with 425IL 60k st is too low i just wondering did i miss some macro cause as frost there is few good but on unholy nothing :frowning:

every macro on here is set to the creators playstyle. you just need to find one that works the best, then tweak it to your playstyle. everybody’s opinion of what is good, is going to be different.


Here you go a list of great macros, the order makes no difference on choices,

if none of the above do not work for you, maybe try and tweak them to fit your play style.
All of the above are consistent contributors and all of them are free to use,

And a excellent response from the below link:


Jul 7

This from what Timothy said in another post

“Start somewhere - either blank or someone else’s. Run that on a target dummy for 2 minutes to get a baseline. Run a two minute sim of an unbuffed run to compare to. Make 1 change run for two minutes and compare. Make 1 change run for two minutes and compare etc. after about 120-200 hours of doing so you will have your macro tuned to where you want it to be. There are no short cuts - if you want the results you have to do the work.”


where have all the macros gone? have they moved to pay to use? this site seems dead lately

Its not dead bud, at this time nothing has changed much except for builds, the rotation is pretty much the same,
Best advice i can give you is to try people’s Macros find one that matches your play style and give them a whirl.
Every macro that is available will work, it mostly depends on your style of play

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