J-Metz Blood DK dragonflight

Can you send me a copy of the import string for that one? it wont let me import it from the page =/

First up thank you. This is brilliant.

With the changes to Marrowrend / Death’s Caress are there any modifications I should be making to the macro? It looks like I should be using DC instead of Marrowrend to build stacks.

OP has been updated.
as ive had time to decide on a talent setup and adjust to suit.
im now using the icey veins Raid build. and the macro has been adjusted,

it now opens with Deaths Caress. and alternates between the two.
with Tombstone and AMZ added as mod keys
plus some other tweaks.

Seriously, thanks for this update, works great!

@John-Metz have there been any updates/revisions to your blood macro? I’ve been using it and tweaked it slightly, but curious if you any further updates and/or thoughts.

no update since I hit 70 and revised the talents. with it ideally doing everything I want, and i can even solo some normal dungeons already I’m happy.
It may need a tweak to heart strike more. but the general idea for my macros is a foundation. as i can’t cater to every single character setup I assume users to adjust to their tastes as you have done.

although i do try to try and be close to a decent catchall macro for those too lazy and just want to import and smash

I generally don’t do updates unless the is a expansion release or a class update that is significant enough
It can drastically change the rotation. for blood little has changed since Legion.

this time around I’m not going to spend the time tuning to cutting edge, spending hours a day on a dummy looking at stats and logs, only to squeeze out 1% performance increase. I’m getting too old, grey and long in the tooth.


I’ve started using the macro on my bdk in mythic. It’s been working well so far. I had to tweak it slightly for more DS for sustain, dropped D&D to a modifier. It’s been holding up. Have the urge to optimize it further and last longer on the uber training dummy.

yah that’s the idea, although as far as DS goes that’s why I have it on the alt mod for on demand application.

when i was mythic raiding I did something similar with DND on fights where i had to be specific about dnd placement. and just swapped tabs as needed

your Blood DK macros are what I have always used - this one included - working awesome !

Anyone have a lvl 70 talent string for this ?

did wander around 70 elite in this setup. john combined with methods setup for m+

clipping bloodshot for 2+ on heartrend.on open world elite’s and on Bazual i had no problem

havvent done any chances on macro, TS and shell are done manual
ilvl 341, 15 crit, 9 haste, 31 mastery

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Yeah sorry for the lack of updates but just letting you all know I’m not longer playing wow, which sadly means I wont me developing macros anytime soon. But I will leave these threads here so people can still access and use or develop further, its been a blast and I’m sad to stop but I cant do this forever.
take care :slight_smile:


Well that’s depressing. What are you playing?

not much, sometimes im on ff14. or some offline games. but most of the time im just faffingabout my house lol