J-Metz Blood DK dragonflight

Update to my macro.
I’ve now adjusted it to suit the Icey Veins, BDK raid build.
It now opens with deaths caress. and during the fight will alternate with MR to keep up Bone Charges
but also be more Rune efficient.
Blood boil is spaced out better to be less spammy with the charges now will only cast to refresh around 5 seconds before the dot fades,

Tombstone is on a shift mod so can be used more as a panic button as needed instead of being used on CD.
AMZ is on the Ctrl mod and will auto place it centered on you.

Like before DS is on the Alt mod to use when rp capped or on the fly in a fight to heal/ mitigate as needed.

moved some other abilities around and removed others.

im using this at 160ms your setup may need it to be different, for me at this speed I have nice flow. never become rune starved and always have enough RP for DS when a fight demands it.




This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.11.


Glad to see your back =) You have always been my favorite blood dk author!


hmm dont celebrate too soon, ill give DF a fair shake, but i needs to really blow my mind to keep me around

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How much ms my friend?

i run at 220 but you may differ for better results

Hey John, do you know why the macro is cycling but no actions are taking place? I’ve used your macros for years and this is the first time I have ever had an issue. Thanks

I am running the newest version of GSE

Same here …no idea whats happening

type /gse and make sure Actionbuttonusekeydown is checked…

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ok so its dragonflgiht due to the new hold to charge cast for evoker bliz have changed how imputs work, in the past it works on key release now it works on press down.
do what the post above shows to solve the issue

Thanks but I just hada a look and its checked.

are you using elvui? as nrmal this addon causes problems for everyone else

Actually I unchecked it and now it works. No other addons running

Thanks everyone for the help, working good now!

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yeah you need to set it so it works on keypress up, as it used to pre DF then it shoudl be good

Changing the /click [button:2].../click [button:1]... might also help with cycling issues?

keep thing it help to toggle on // off when ur macro dont work
i keep it saved on macro
/console ActionButtonUseKeyDown 1

personally, i have a separate addon that toggles a bunch of Cvar variables on and off to keep alot of older addons functioning. with the first option in that list to change button functions back to how it used to be and GSE works perfect.

Is it elvui that keeps unchecking the box? When I zone into places I have to keep going into GSE and checking the box again.

no idea as i said above I’m using a separate addon to manage it

I’m still using your old Macro (tha “All-4-Covonent” one) with the shattering Bone Build from Wowhead and it’s working preety fine. As if it was always ment to be this way :smiley:
Thanks for your awesome work, much love <3