JM Marksman Hunter SL

I made this originally for a friend but was suprised how basic it turned out to be. so i though id share it here.
i run at 70MS

its essentially a ST with a bit of cleave option
use Alt for Arcane shot on procs.
and Shift will multi shot on 3+ mobs. try and use just before Rapid fire comes off CD to get full benefit
other than that this will keep aimed shot and steady firing as needed, and Trushot and Rapid fire and kill shot wil lbe used as soon as available.


Usage Information

11?2?12 at the talents, Alt mod for Arcane shot when procs, and Shift for Multi shot when needed

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.30.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Kill Shot, Trueshot, Rapid Fire

KeyPress: Multi-Shot, Misdirection, Arcane Shot

Main Sequence: Steady Shot, Aimed Shot

Post Macro: Rapid Fire


My toon Sims at 1131 dps, (in before your gear sucks comment) and I’m pulling 1100 dps on the meters so i’d say thats pretty close. Definitely going to be using this for SL’s

smooth sir…very smooth and dps is steady, and the macro is nice and clean 10/10

Excellent macro but has issues. Firstly the Arcane Shot proc works well at 50 but not at 60, the reason is Arcane Shot becomes part of your rotation, otherwise, you never use any focus. You stay at 100 focus the whole time.

Explosive Shot and Double Tap need to be added, Double Tap is a must according to Icy Veins and Explosive Shot at 60 does a lot of damage for AOE more so than Multi-Shot.

Nice macro, did you’ve done any more updates about it? It runs smooth but I was thinking maybe you have some new ideas about it.

I do but not for now Life has me focused on more important things