JM UH DK for Dragonflight

odd its the same as the M+ one from Icey veins


works like charm here

tried this yesterday and was hitting 50k-60k dps easy with all cd’s (not army of the damned though)
Could of probably done better with no cd’s as I need to get better at proccing epidemic & death coil :slight_smile:

286 ilvl & nowhere near BiS for trinkets & weapon etc.

glad to hear its working on better geared DKs,
In case you are not aware it also has epidemic woven in to cast when available to prevent RP overlapping.

so, it can also be using procs if it all lines up, which is nice. in case you are worried about not reacting to the procs.
another reason I’ve put death coil. in is for gap filling on single targets like when boss mechanics keep you out of melee.

another unrelated thing i wish bliz would fix is the range of scourge strike. for some reason you have to sometimes stand inside the target for it to hit. it’s stupid.

back in BFA when i realized this i made a WA for it to alert me each time i use SS and out of range.
and the results were a massive improvement dps wise once the SS were landing more often.

Yeah totally agree & Understand! I dont have gavel or scars on dk so my dmg could be insanely higher but im not gonna grind for them with less than a week to DF :slight_smile:
I Main hunter but DK always has a place for me.
I’ll just unblocking the auto-epidemic and see how it goes :slight_smile:

When you get a chance, the talents on here come up as a lvl 60 DK, any chance you have an updated lvl 70 build ? I am currently just using the AOE Mythic + build from Wowhead. my DPS is ok on AOE in mythics , (ST not so much) but my gear is only ilvl 350 currently and stats are all over so its to be expected. Thank you for the work you have done its been a great help so far!

the macro hangs on single target situations

the game says there are no vaild targets within range…

Working very well for me single and multiple mobs

strange when i have 1 mob only infront of it hangs and it doesnt fire anything and says the message in red from the game

there are no vaild targets within range…

little bit of another update!
So now my DK is 360 ilvl, mostly M0 gear :slight_smile:
and it works fine! GJ :smiley:

All i do is let the Sudden Doom procs go off on their own with Epidemic during AoE mobs etc, and then i Manually Proc Death Coil on bosses :slight_smile:
Hits pretty well :slight_smile:

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sorry to disturb but but i look all the night and didn’t find why it doesn’t work for me …

the first blocks run well but the block with the main rotation doesn’t …
And same for the mod … nothing happen when i press shift , alt or ctrl .

any ideas ?


thx for your help

My issue is, that its not working at all. the Skilltree is not for level 70 and has 5 free slots on both sides, and the macro itself only does 20k dps on 405 gear with 4set bonus. Its even stops for like 5 seconds and does nothing.

he uses the same Talents as the AOE tree on Icyveins, it would not import for me either when I did it, but I just went to IcyV and copied it from there and it works fine.

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Yeah sorry for the lack of updates but just letting you all know I’m not longer playing wow, which sadly means I wont me developing macros anytime soon. But I will leave these threads here so people can still access and use or develop further, its ben a blast and I’m sad to stop but I cant do this forever.
take care :slight_smile:


Sorry to see you go! I’d be happy to take your account off your hands.

Hello :slight_smile: Newbie here…
What is the 160ms setting and where do i put that please?
I have a Razer mouse & KB
Thank You

Go to “General” and click options.


Thank you for the response :pray:t3: :heart:

Without a doubt, a great loss, thank you for all this time.

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Why wont the macro import for me?