JM Windwalker SL

What im using for my Mnk, i was happy how it performed in BFA and just some little tweaks its still solid for me.
Spinning crane kick is on mod for more controlled use.
maintains hit combo well



Talents: 2222312

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.07.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick

KeyPress: Spinning Crane Kick

Main Sequence: Rising Sun Kick, Storm, Earth, and Fire, Fists of Fury, Blackout Kick, Chi Wave, Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger, Whirling Dragon Punch, Fist of the White Tiger, Touch of Death, Tiger Palm

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I gave this a swirl, but it’s not spending chi fast enough for me

/shrug not sure what else i can do. are you applying SPC via the modifier, I rarely cap my chi

could be a gear thing also as this alt isn’t well geared

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If you mean by SPC Spinning Crane Kick, no im not using mods. They usually do not work for me.
I wanted to edit your macro to see if i could fix the Chi not spending problem, but got a translator.lua error when saving it. Have to wait till it’s fixed before i can try again.

ok that might be the issue then need another wayt to manage SPC


love the Mac’s man. Use your Brewmaster a lot. Hey what is the MS on this WW. ty

im using around 50-70ms for my melee classes