John Metz Assination SL

Updated 12th feb 21

with the Buff to Assassination brings it close to par with sub in an ST raid situation I have started messing about with it again,

I have also added a AOE rotation built in so that in when you require it it Hold shift while using the macro will start using fan of knives instead of mutilate.

while all 4 covenants have a tab each, ideally Necrolords and Night Fae will perform better due to the nature of how thier abilities work, Flagellation and Echoing reprimand require more hands on to get the most out of them, Flagellation is technically impossible to macro effectively


Usage Information

Tab 1 Venthyr, Tab2 is Necrolord, Tab 3 is Kyrian, Tab 4 is Night Fae. Adjust the default vesion to suit.

This macro contains 4 macro versions. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.47.

  • The Default macro is 1

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro:

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence:

Macro Version 2

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Ambush, Stealth

KeyPress: Stealth, Tricks of the Trade

Main Sequence: Slice and Dice, Eviscerate, Shiv, Fan of Knives, Sinister Strike, Garrote, Rupture, Ambush, Vendetta

Post Macro: Rupture

Macro Version 3

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Ambush, Stealth

KeyPress: Stealth, Tricks of the Trade

Main Sequence: Slice and Dice, Eviscerate, Shiv, Fan of Knives, Sinister Strike, Garrote, Rupture, Ambush, Vendetta

Post Macro: Rupture

Macro Version 4

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Ambush, Stealth

KeyPress: Stealth, Tricks of the Trade

Main Sequence: Slice and Dice, Eviscerate, Shiv, Fan of Knives, Sinister Strike, Garrote, Rupture, Ambush, Vendetta

Post Macro: Rupture


yep, will see how it goes till 60 / meta.

At least blizzard needs to tune numbers on most classes till live or past that

added Serrated Bonespike for necrolords

Updated 11/10

Updated to ad covenant tabs, and hopefully fixed the ambush issue as its working for me.

Serrated Bone Spike, Sepsis are working fine
Echoing Reprimand works much better with Assassination, due to a more stable combo point management, compared to other spec, it still happened but pretty rare where it may cut the buff short forcing you to wait for it to come of CD to reapply.

Venthyr Ability Flagellation , What a shit show this was, spent way too much time trying many many ways to get this working, only to discover the ability is bugged at the time of testing.
so i have for now defaulted to a modifier to be applied manually and keep an eye on or a weak aura to monitor.
so apply Flagellation to target, and let it build stacks on target. using it again cleanses it from target and gives you haste. then re apply once off CD rinse repeat.
now in testing i have no idea if its working as the buff tooltips tell me its giving 0% haste, even when cleansed at 40 stacks (should be 20% haste)
also cleansing at 40 stacks locks the ability and its no longer usable with only character death resetting the ability, this is a game bug ive reported to Bliz and nothing to do with the macro.

How do I use other versions of the macros? Thank you!

ok so in the very first tab on the left is called configuration. in that tab on the left is a dropdown called Default, change that to the number of the tab you wish to use. don’t forget to save it once you make the change or it wont stick

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Forgive me, but how does this work in prepatch? Is there a specific version I should be using or does it not matter? Thanks for your hard work!

EDIT: I assume it’s just version 1 we use until Shadowlands, I adjusted it a little for leveling. Again, thank you for this great macro.

just use version 1 as the venthyr ability is on a modifier button so you can just ignore it,

Hello, thank you for the macro.
I’m having a problem with this macro and the outlaw too. I’m using them to level and bassically they work great for about 15 seconds and afterwards they stop spending energy, they just use some other abilities that doesnt requiere energy. After out of combat it resets and they work fine. I use version 1 on this one. I’m not having this problem with other characters, just the rogue. Do you know what may be the issue? Thank you.

hmm being used for leveling might not be good im assuming you are below 50, i might take this opportunity to make a fresh toon and level in prepatch see if i can identify the issue
the Outlaw should have a built in reset of 1 global though, ie you stop pressing for about 1 second and the sequence resets

Never mind, my bad. I tried in another pc and works perfect. Must be something of my gse. I’ll just reinstall it and see. Thank you, the macro works great.

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Hey John

This is probably the best macro I’ve tested. Can you make an AOE version of it too?


does not work as intended with covenant abilities

tested for about 30mins, would not apply Serrated Bone Spike

Read on another macro that the covenant abilities are causing freezes i wonder if its the same thing here

Yea it is. Even on my Hunter macros, some covenant abilities don’t work. For Night Fae Assin Rogues, you can put the Sepsis into the rotation and let it fire off every time it’s up. That is actually what Icy Veins says to do, but others are having issues.

I know for Hunters, the Flayed Arrow is bugged in macros, so I’m guessing it’s bugged here too.

Hi @John-Metz

I have been running the macro for a few days. I really like it, and I’ve made only a modification to the shift key in the KeyPress area for Fan of Knives (/cast [mod:shift] Fan of Knives)

The macro is really well done but seems to perform better at the start than at the end. For some reason, energy gets starved towards the end, and while the macro works it starts to slow down.

This might be an issue with the main sequence. I might take a look at this more deeply but I wanted to inform you the changes.

ok first if i were to make an AOE macro id just copy the macro and replace mutilates with fan of knives and call it a day,

as for performance over time there are various factors. first i only have my rogues to test on so ultimately they will work best on my characters. that said i have 3 rogues as different gear so i try to average things out. basically results may vary depending on class.

second is the misnomer of taking the damage meters too literal which is something i discovered trying to improve the Sub macro. and if i did the same it to assassination’s id se the same trend in that when i look at more accurate logs via wow logs where i can see snapshots at various times it actualy runs much closer to sims than the average result tells me as the average would get skewd to to being able to do double the initial burst dps that what the sim was doing.

as for energy drain its partly a gear issue, partly macro. and even then you can only fix about 50% of the macro issue, first is speed looking at sim logs the simbot occasionally slows down between actions to assist with energy gains, i cant do this in a macro. you have to just slow down the macro use to find the sweet spot. on the sub macro i found it at about 120ms for one of my rogues and 100 for a better geared one. so that’s for you to work out what’s best for your character.

other option is to add- subtract mutilate cast in the sequence. however you have to then watch your dots and debuff uptimes and this will mess things up. so its a case of fix one thing but break another.

Ya I’m seeing that with even my macro.

For me, I re-did the entire sequence, just because it would lineup with Icy Veins. SND - Rupture - Envenom. Though I probably could change the direction of Envenom and Rupture but I don’t know if that i wise.

100 ms seems to work for most classes, I don’t know Sub Rogue that well. I’ve only played Assa mostly and some Combat / Outlaw back in the day. Assa was always my main Rogue spec, never really liked the others.

Next week I’ll try out my Pally and Warriors to see what can be done.

As for the energy drain issue, I found the culprit. It’s Crimson Vial your healing spell. If you have to use that in a fight it messes up the entire rotation.

I switched to Alacrity and the energy regen is better.

Now to the sequence / rotation. Icy Veins says Rupture on 4-5 stacks. Your doing it on 2 stacks. Do you think it might be a good idea to add in another Mutilate before Rupture?

no harm in trying, just remember what Icy V tells you and what you what is optimal to achieve, are 2 opposing things. more users need to understand that meta guides are used as a starting point then we often divert from them for better results, thats not to say the guides are wrong its just the guides aren’t made to take macros into account. so we have to make the best of our limitations. and some issues can be negated or remedied via alternate talent setups or cast orders.

lol sorry for the ramble but the TLDR version is i see you walking down the road knowing i’ve been there before and experiences lead me to my set up. i just forgot why :stuck_out_tongue:

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