John Metz Enhancement SL

just sharing what ive made for my shammy a simple ST build.

remember to add flame tongue and windfury to weapons,
and apply shields. macro does the rest.

has 2 modifiers.
first is Alt for Storm strike to use on procs
second is shift for lightning bolt for malestrom discharge. or as a filler when everything else in on CD



Talents: 1121133

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.14.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Flame Shock

KeyPress: Stormstrike, Lightning Bolt, Ghost Wolf

Main Sequence: Frost Shock, Windfury Totem, Ascendance, Crash Lightning, Stormstrike, Lava Lash, Feral Spirit, Sundering

Im new to shaman but Is there a way to use this to keep shield up? and drop totems at feet? I feel like im missing things :frowning:

it should already drop windfury, i can add others if people wish, i only posted what i made for my alt, so im sure ive missed things, i can add them in

Haven’t tested yet, but after looking it over I noticed it’s missing an l in null. I added it and will test in a few mins.

lol doesn’t matter, I could replace null with fried chicken and the result will be the same

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Either way, it works pretty well.

awesome, yeah to clarify you can put anything instead of null as long as it isnt a usable ability name,
the ides is to intentionally lock the sequence

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quick question, I’m adding some Stormstrike lines to my macro. I save my work and when I go back into edit. My Stormstrikes are converted to Primal Strike. Any suggestions?

it means you have a talent that changes the base ability.
Tim has added a feature in the latest build where you add $$ so it look like $$/cast Storm strike.
forced the addon not to change , but i personally have not tested it yet.

Even if it changed to Primal it should still cast storm strike

Tried the command:
$$/cast Stormstrike

what is does is causes me to say $$/cast Stormstrike in chat

Prima Strike does nothing except cause the mod hang up. I’ve uninstalled and deleted everything. I’ve opened the standard mods that come with the GSE with a new install and opened the edit to confirm they have Stormstrike. When I close and reopen the edit, they too get changed to Primal Strike.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

are you using ver 2.6.16 of GSE

No, I’m using the most updated version. I think maybe there’s a mixup with the spec ID’s. Primal Strike is a Resto ability. So it’s either that or a corrupted orphan file that I need to remove. Not sure but I’ll investigate more

Also, some of the macro works fine since Frost Shock and Flame Shock are also Resto abilities maybe /shrug

interesting i only have an enhancement shaman and havent touched other specs so i would not know.
but i believe some abilities like flame shock and frost shock are class baseline for all 3 specs

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hi John-Metz can you make one for elemental whit out modifiers only got one arm attm and i want to play it and a separate macro for aoe love your other macros :wink: