John Metz Fury War SL

Just sharing what ive made for my warrior
its suitable for 2 talent setups ones is a more open world build the other is more raid orientated,

while it weaves in whirlwind on its own, the is a modifier using shift you can add more if you wish for lager packs.

there is a rampage mod also which i had incase it was taking too long to fire off but latest tests show its not really needed and can be ignored


Usage Information

Use Talensts 3132221, for more open world/cleave
use talents 2123223, for raiding

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.14.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Rampage, Charge

KeyPress: Whirlwind, Rampage

Main Sequence: Dragon Roar, Recklessness, Raging Blow, Victory Rush, Execute, Onslaught, Whirlwind, Bloodthirst


Thank you for creating this. Burst damage is amazing.

What AHK speed are you running this on, 70ms?

yes 70 is my default

how is the DPS performance of this? in raids etc?

I havent hada chance to test in a raid as im busy but its pretty solid. i find also increasing the MS to around 50 (usally i have it at 70) can improve things especially with rampage use on procs

sir @John-Metz how do you fix ms?

adjust it via the mouse or whatever software your using to control the speed of the key press

@John-Metz sorry does ms mean mouse sensitivity?

no, its short for Millisecond,

Love this macro! Been using it for my alliance level 50 and leveling a horde warrior now. I did add a another Bloodlust to smooth it out as it would lock up now and then. Seems to have helped on my end… Thanks for your work, John Metz

cool what you adjusted is perfect as not all characters are the same so little tweaks like that to suit your own character is highly encouraged

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Any idea when you be doing Arm’s next ?