John Metz Shadow SL

This is what i’m using on my shadow priest, its single target focused but it pops off (well for me anyway)

i have pw Pain and Vamp touch in an alt modifier which i hold at the start of a fight to apply them off the bat, then keep an eye on them during a fight use it to reapply them.



Talents: 1113122

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.14.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Vampiric Touch, Shadowform, Shadow Word: Pain, Void Eruption

Main Sequence: Mind Flay, Mind Blast, Devouring Plague, Shadowfiend, Void Eruption

KeyRelease: Fade

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A couple of suggestions

You have nochanneling in front of a couple priority spells - for example i think we’d want to interrupt the Mind Flay for Mind Blast if we can (i think so at least)

And another thought regarding Void Eruption which is our big CD.
You have it as a shift modifier in keypress, but also in the sequence box which i assume is to get void bolt cast as often as possible.

One idea if you want to control its timing (ie hold it for lust/pot…) is to leave it in keypress with shift
and change the “/cast void eruption” in sequence to “/use void bolt”

that way you can control it, but once you enter void form the void bolts will get into your rotation


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the no channeling is a juggle. removing it from more things almost makes mind flay as waste of time as the macro will just ty and cast over every channel. so I’m ting to limit it to important things like re applying dots etc. but i can drop for mind blast if it improves things when i test at least.

as for the second idea no it don’t work that way. HOWEVER Tim as added a feature in newer builds though I’m waiting things to stabilize as he still finding issues. where i can force GSE to recognize specific spells and not auto swap. so i can have Void Eruption on that modifier. and void bolt in the sequence, which will be skipped when not in void form. which was my original design intent.
Im just giving Tim a few days before i comeback and rework it

are you sure about that 2nd part?

i changed the sequence to “/use void bolt” and left the shift:VE in the keypress (i changed it to alt just because of alt is what i typically have for CDs on other classes)

void eruption is NOT going off until i use the shift(actually alt) modifier…but once i do, the void bolts start to be cast (without any modifer) which is how i want and expect it to.

this is a wip edit of your base - i’m playing with the pause b/c i’m trying to make sure void bolt gets off on time and not skipped (i could be way off on that…just experimenting )