Joik / Augmentation Evoker / 10.1


Shift - Upheaval

Alt - Fire Breath

Ctrl - Breath of Eons → /cast [@cursor] Breath of Eons




This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.39.


i love it. it very good macro

Credit were credit is due, as a disabled gamer people like you with modifiers are a true life savior and as many before you. Thanks to everyone of you. Sincearly /J

mate mod keys are missing and in the variable KeyRelease is write:
/cast [nochanneling] Inclinar la balanza
i suppose is Tip the scales

i used this macro on a +20 key and overrall i done 71k dmg which is awesome thank for your work again

Yes, Tip the scales, sorry

I’m not seeing the modifiers is anyone else experiencing that?

There isnt any in the macro you need to make them your self … set keybinds SHIFT 1 … CTRL 1 … Alt 1 etc and place macro on button 1 … as example. As you Keep pressing button 1 and then hold down shift if will fire what ever ability you have bound to it instead of macro

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Great macro … Thanks for posting.

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I added some eruptions before a d after living flame and getting much better uptime on ebon still not perfect but just a thought

can you post that here?

Just open the macro copy the full block with eruption then click the add a block above it it looks like a little square
And clear that box then paste what you copied into it

Ok will try, thanks for the help

what is the timing for this macro?

try with 250 ms maybe

I think you need to check your macro there is not mod’s in it at all when imported.

@NVMaxx As he typed at top create your own mods or keybinds for the spells. No mods in the macro.
Best regards

Hey Guys,

can u share ur person makro for cds, i use:

/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/use [mod:shift] Emporstoßen
/cast [mod:ctr,@cursor] Atem der Äonen
/use [mod:alt] Feueratem

but ctrl dont work

its a type-o is why it isnt working for ya u have ctr it is ctrl. hope that helps