Just Be Patient

Hello, everyone,

" Change is never painful, only resistance to change is painful. " - Buddha

First of all, I would like to thank @TimothyLuke for all your hard work. Your work is appreciated sir.
I think we all need to be patient, sure there are some issues and bugs but it will get better and better. this site and this addon have helped so many of us, there are so many people who can enjoy the game just because of this site. just because of people like @TimothyLuke nd @John-Metz nd @lutechi and other brilliant macro creators who share their amazing macros here.
So I ask you to be respectful, patient and supportive, contribute your ideas, report bugs and problems and be grateful at the same time.
I am thankful, so many people here are thankful, I can enjoy this game and can play it only because of GSE and Wowlazymacros.
so thank you, thank you and thank you.