Just check this out!!!

I’ve been DLing macros for a couple of years from here. I decided to make my own as I have modified almost every macro I’ve used. I mythic raid and we are currently 7/9.

Might be good, Might be bad. Who the hell knows

Hello, if latency is 30ms , but what should AHK for this macro? Thanks!

Ok, I’ll bite. Gonna queue for a Heroic and test this one out and report back.

Gonna take out AotW and bind it to a separate key as I do not want to blow this CD on trash and be “that guy”.

Heroic: Not to bad of a macro. Wasn’t hardly maxed on Focus and wasn’t too terribly Focus starved either. I’ll be running with this one for a while and compare it to Booty’s, aka Pharmacist, macro and IMO it has been the best that’s been working for me.

But what I would change is how your talents are displayed. You have 1313311 with the third and fifth Talents in that tier are all situational and provide zero DPS gains thus should look like: 13x3x11. There’s people who will select them and hang on to what an Author says and those who haven’t a clue and select whichever and wonder why the macro isn’t firing off or just hanging there (Which the third and fifth tier Talents you’ve selected will not have any affect in your macro.)

Your keypress pet macro should look like this insted

/targetenemy [noharm,dead]
/cast Claw
/cast Bite
/cast Smack
/cast [target=focus, exists, nodead],[target=pet, exists, nodead] Misdirection
/cast [nopet,nodead] Call Pet 1; [@pet,dead] Mend Pet
/cast [combat,pet:Spirit Beast,@player] Spirit Mend

I just ran it on some epic mobs and val’s and yours are off by about 20K on same mob…in Val’s favor…did not take into consideration procs and stuff…will run with it on Raid tonight to see how it does…Thank you for sharing though!
I run it at 80MS btw…

if anyone is wondering why, or is confused on why the macro is not auto targeting the closest enemy is because the “/targetenemy” is wrong. replace it with - /targetenemy [noharm][dead]

once i replaced it, my damage went up a lot so great macro! best one i have used so far.

Edit: i did remove A Murder of Crows since i do not care for the talent and replaced it with /cast mend Pet in the main macro section and completely removed it in the Pre-Macro so for when i quest i do not have to worry about healing/dying pet. i also removed the pets attack abilities since they auto use them anyways and i seem to lose DPS when the macro is trying to use my abilities and the pets. i also threw in - /cast [mod:shift] Multi-Shot in the Keypress section at the end. so when i gather a bunch of mobs, i can just hold down shift. i also run with “No delay” for my MS. it seems to work the best for me.

PS: now we play the waiting game too see who puts me down or makes it look like i have no idea what i am talking about, this is the main reason why i HATE giving feed back now a days. this site has truly gone down the crapper after legion came out. used to be such a great site and community back in the day. everyone was so helpful and friendly and now if you say anything about feed, people just seem to just too want too attack/cause drama. i “know” a few people but i wont list their names on here cause i am not that kind of person.


Be careful with the target enemy stuff - as a hunter it can cause you to pull lots of mobs that shouldn’t be pulled. If you want it to automatically target the nearest enemy and fire then ok but keep in mind you will be pulling extra mobs. Just an observation!

true but then you can not call yourself a “true” hunter, lol. but yes, for raiding or dungeons understandable for the whole auto targeting pulling. i personally stop my macro when the mob is about too hits 5% of health. it took a lot of practice too get in the habit of stopping the macro.

Has the first post been modified with the updates? or we just do it ourselves?


Sadly the macro is only in english…not international.

hi thanks for the macro the only thing I find is that it needs to fire barbed shot a lot sooner than it does other than that its ok

any ideas on how I can get barbed shot to go of sooner plz

[quote quote=69359]hi thanks for the macro the only thing I find is that it needs to fire barbed shot a lot sooner than it does other than that its ok
any ideas on how I can get barbed shot to go of sooner plz[/quote]

The best and easiest way I know of and use is to grab a Barbed Shot Helper Weak Aura (Azortharion has a great one WAGO) and just bind Barbed Shot on a different key.

I did a little more testing and as vannhellsing1 says Barbed Shot only fires off 3.3% compared to Pharmacist’s macro (10.1%) when NOT using it on a separate key on a 3 minute boss fight as I’m also getting much higher burst and better DPS still using Pharmacist’s macro for my Talents, iLevel, and stats.

hi are we going to get any feed back on the barbed shot not going of right will there be an update on the macro thanks

Very good job,

I ve add on Key press
/cast [mod:ctrl] Multi-Shot

on trash its usefull.

It unstuck focus on M-Shot instead of Cobra.

Just keep Ctrl press

Dont use BS on macro… use it on separat key for max dps

I gave this an honest try and it just can’t touch Pharmacists. Kudo’s for at least trying!