Just curious about Classic Wow

Will you guys cont… supporting this add on for Wow Classic?


Good question…


No No No… Blizzard is releasing Wow Classic this summer. They will be legit servers. not Private.

You missed the point.

The thread was inquiring whether GSE would work on a private server OR with classic. As John mentioned in his reply, GSE will be supported in classic, not private severs. The point is that yes, it will be supported in classic. The private server part of the post was irrelevant and has nothing to do with classic.

Where did the original post say private server? I dont see it.
I see Wow Classic. To me that sounds like he was referring to the new Classic servers that Blizzard are putting up in the summer.
So If I missed something it was where it says “Private Server” in the OP.
Sorry i didnt really read your link fully.

Yes I am the OP aka Ray Stone, and I did mean wow classic that blizzard will support as of this summer. They are Not private servers. Basically for anyone not aware of the classic wow game, it will be part of your wow subscription/launcher with no extra fee to play if you have BFA subbed/active or current game.

And I was wondering if GSE will be supported during wow classic, I did click the link above and the Mod John did say they will continue supporting GSE for classic :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info