Just joined

Hey all. Just joined after doing some research on how to play Warcraft with a broken left pinky, ring finger, and torn ligaments and such in my left hand. I previously had everything keybound using my left hand. I went out an purchased a Logitech G600 mouse and the rest of my efforts led me here.

I downloaded the addon, logged on my prot pally, and it’s pretty darn good right out of the box.

I have a few questions -

  1. is there a prot pally sequence available that only casts abilities you want to use on cooldown at all times? For example I want to control my active mitigation defensives (tyr and sotr), defensive cooldowns (ardent and gotak), interrupts, Lotp/hotp, seraphim, and wings.
  2. do I need different sequences based on talent selections?
  3. is there a GS discord?

Thanks for the help!

    • Edit the macro via /gsse
    • Yes, No and Maybe
    • Look to the right of this page -----> hit Join Server