Just my thoughts, My take on reset=combat

I once used a lot of macros on this site until I learned enough to start writing them on my own based on current rotations or covenant rotations. One of the things I realized later on was the heavy use of reset=combat. In my opinion, reset=combat is only useful on target dummy or soloing npcs 1 by 1. I say this because using reset=combat in a dungeon, raid or pvp, continues your cast sequence where it let off when you change targets. Generally, I wouldn’t think this is good as you’ll want to start the cast sequence over when selecting a new target.

This by itself causes issues because macros are tested on target dummies, and hang in open world use. And the hanging comes from the macros not resetting upon new targets with reset=target. I don’t think you’ll ever get the sustained damage you are after if you are just always continuing a cast sequence on a new target, where you left off from the last target.

I could be wrong on this but overall, it’s been my understanding on how WOW’s macro system works, GSE isn’t able to override anything that WOW doesn’t allow so macros should still follow the same type of patterns.

In dungeons, raids and pvp, Combat can last a long amount of time. Take for instance,

/castsequence reset=combat Hunter’s Mark, Aimed Shot

In the above, Hitting the macro once, places hunters mark on target 1, but if you change targets, aimed shot is hit on target 2 instead of resetting the sequence with reset=target and starting over, hence

/castsequence reset=target Hunter’s Mark, Aimed Shot Will always put hunters mark on selected target followed by aimed shot.

I could be wrong but just sharing my thoughts,

There are two things that appear to be intertwined. Resetting a castsequence line within a macro and resetting a GSE macro.

GSE can’t reset the macro on target change. Reset=target will only work for the specific castsequence line it is on. It doesn’t apply to the macro as a whole.

GSE can reset at the end of combat. This is in GSE’s options and is on by default. This resets the GSE part but won’t reset any of the castsequence lines within the macro that don’t have the reset=combat.

You can also reset the macro side by adding a hit key set in GSE’s options - this can be done at the same time manually as a target change resetting them both.

AND just to make things interesting castsequence has been broken and completely unreliable since the beta of BFA and Blizzard have no interest in fixing it.

My point is that so many cast sequences in the macros here do use reset=combat. Which is where the problem with sustained dps is. GSE can’t do anything that WOW doesn’t allow, so if you follow the same macro patterns as WOW, Then things do work as intended, as least for myself they do.

GSE just makes it easier for line by line macros, or multiple cast sequences. But they still have to be written correctly to get the desired result I’d assume.