Just putting out feelers :) for 10.2

Is anyone current working on a macro for 10.2 Bm raid and m+?

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I’ve been using zerg’s BM hunter macro on PTR and while it will need some tuning for the 10s barbed shot/frenzy, it’s doing really good on the dmg meters :slight_smile:

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Not what im looking for thanks for the reply tho, Im asking if someone is actively got one working for the new 10.2 patch

Considering, 10.2 isnt out yet, and most people dont play PTR, you have more chance of making one yourself than someone else making one.

I tried mine on PTR but its meh, sitting 200k dps with tier set & trinks.
Needs work.

But in short to your question. No. No one has one working perfectly for 10.2 and from experience, no new macros are released for a patch during PTR, they take couple days after patch release.