just sharing what i use

#showtooltip Devouring Plague
/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=target Shadow Word: Pain,Vampiric Touch,Mind Flay,Mind Flay,Mind Flay,Mind Flay
/castsequence Mind Blast,Mind Blast,Mind Blast,Devouring Plague
/cast [combat,nochanneling] Shadowfiend
/castsequence reset=40 Divine Star
/castrandom Power Word: Shield
/cast Shadow Word: Death
/cast [combat] Power Infusion
/cast [combat] Vampiric Embrace
/cast [combat] Desperate Prayer
/use [combat,nochanneling] fade
/cast Fear Ward
/targetenemy [noharm]

Talents, Glyphs please sir :slight_smile:

just a quick question David is this a gnomesequencer or macro toolkit just asking as you don’t say which it is and it doesn’t work as macro toolkit for some reason

This is for Macro Toolkit.
I can confirm it works - great for levelling.
Do you have an AOE one at all ?

Talents I’m using are: 113122(?) (only level 90)

Will swap out Divine Star for Cascade though.