Kanth's Shadowlands Havoc PVE/PVP 99% of the sim dps for 113x1x1

I took AB’s recent macro and made some tweaks. It’s running at 30ms but you could probably fiddle around to see what is most responsive to you. Talents: 113x1x1 PVE, 323x231 PVP. (Updated to accommodate any spec!)

Covenant ability Sinful Brand is in main rotation. Cooldowns set to modifiers:

Shift = Metamorphosis
Alt = Eye Beam
CTRL = Chaos Nova


# Kanth's Havoc PVE/PVP
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Hi qforlong, i want to give little feedback it fits my playstyle and runs very smooth, thanks for your work.

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Thanks! I’ve been grinding Mythic+ and it feels pretty good. Demon Hunters could use some Blue love and they’ll be amazing.

Il et impossible pour moi de l’importer …
J’ai le message suivant: Macro incapable d’être importé.

I’ve gotten a couple of messages from international users saying it won’t import. I don’t know how to export it in a universal format. I am using the export function directly out of Gnome Sequencer in WoW. If someone can tell me how, I’ll export it again with multiple language support.

I would like to use it in arena, that could be enought to grind at 1400-1600 rank ?

I’ve used it in arenas, I think the dps from the macro is good enough to burst targets down. The rest of arena is reliant on smart CC, positioning, communication with teammates and a decent team composition. So macro plus all that should be easy to achieve a decent ranking. =)


Just want to say, I love this macro. I use it for Raid Finder and Heroic Dungeons and Questing.
I’m not a Mythic player but I’ve never not been on top of the meters.

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Thank you! I expect if you keep at it you’ll be topping the charts in Mythics too. It’s very solid in dungeons with the only weak spot being long single target fights. There’s a really cool single target build that I’ve seen super highly ranked PvP players using and have vague aspirations of trying out, but right now I am pleased as punch with this spec/rotation. =)

Do blade dance manually?

When you are spec’d to maximize Eye Beams, for best deeps don’t Blade Dance at all. In my macro I configured it to automatically include Blade Dance on cooldown in your main rotation only IF you happen to select Trail of Ruin in your talent tree. If you don’t have that talent you’d have to modify my macro before it would work.

So which legendary are you using then? I run Chaos Theory for best single target damage and it procs from Blade Dance, but I don’t run Trail of Ruin because of the nice DPS from Glaive Tempest in even single target settings.

I do run Collective Anguish for M+ and multi-target scenarios, but still run Glaive Tempest for the obvious boost in DPS in those settings.

Collective Anguish across the board for me. I think Chaos Theory for single target is probably best for raiding, but I haven’t been raiding so it’s not a high priority. =)

Thanks for the Macro, if i take out Sinful Brand and repöace it with the Hunt, will the Macro still work fine?:slight_smile:

For sure. CT for Raiding is great, especially single target. I change to Collective Anguish for only really Sunking. I’m trying to maximize use of Chaos Strike when it procs. The DH discord and “influencers” for the class are coming out with better rules on when to use Blade Dance depending on group size, talents, and legendary. Might be able to adjust your macro a bit with that in mind.

Hey Guys

New user here, I feel like I have everything working. But on a lot of the Macros all my DPS seem to be about 1k DPS off from SIms. Any Advice.

I did read a post about Target dummies not being accurate, But I Did some raids and I feel theyre about the same.

Make sure you can figure the SIM not to give you raid buffs and oil and pre-pots and all that unless you’re using them on whatever dummy you’re hitting.

can you share this macro? the super pvp one? :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen a super PVP macro, just super PVP players. It’s unlikely that a macro is going to match their performance because it’s not a simple priority rotation like mine. Not that I wouldn’t give it a go with modifiers, but right now I’m really happy with this build/rotation and having fun in Mythics and Arenas both.

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