Keeping from pulling extra mobs

How do you keep from pulling extra unintended mobs. I’m having a problem where if I run the macro just a bit to long it will pull the next group

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if it has a line with target enemy in it remove that line

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My stuff works where if i hit the button again it will cancel the action so I just tap the key again when the mob the group is killing is very low and I have gotten pretty good at timing it. It took some practice but I do it pretty well. I play with a Razer Orbweaver basically. It just repeats button 1 until I hit a button again etc. So I put the hunter DPS macro on button 1 and it plays it out, meanwhile I use the regular keyboard to move around and dodge mechanics on raids. I use my mouse keys to steer and i have a few buttons on my mouse that let me hit some hotkeys I want to use so that I don’t interrupt the Macro going. When I’m on a long raid boss fight I play that style. When I do a dungeon or something with short fights I just keep my hand on the Razer and control it myself.

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How does your macro work? What all does it do? I would like one I can click a second time to call my pet off… IF i can catch him before he runs.

I like to make sure i am on the same target as the tank, but sometimes the tank targets a thing he DOESNT intend to pull, and my pet takes off after it.

Its because I like to put my tank on focus and i have the pet macros set to assist my focus.

I cant use the macros with certain tanks because the pet will pull and i cant stop it, but tanks I group with a lot wont target random crap.

I would love to be able to turn it off haha.

And what attacks are in the macro?

or you could just enable the option in GSE to “Require Target to Use”