Key repeat programs?

what are you guys using so you can just hold down a key and have it repeat at a set rate. i’m 60 and starting to get arthritis and mashing the 1 key is starting to cause me discomfort. thank you in advance.

Razer Synapse for me.

Hello @krusty

I personally use LGS ( Logitech Gaming Software ), or G-HUB ( from logitech too ).


Autohotkey is what i use. someday i’ll get one of these cool mice ppl use. lol

I have no idea how to write script for ahk what is the script you use? i tried a script that made my 1 button repeat but i couldnt make it stop and had to restart my computer

I PM you what i use.

I have you beat by 10 yrs, so I know your problem. A Logitech G910 Gaming Keyboard, or similar, has 5 exra keys on the right side, all keys are programmable with the Logitech gaming software. I find this better than a multibutton mouse, I injured my right hand long ago so this solution is best for me.
hope it helps.

glad to hear i’m not the old man in here. lol jk.

X-Mouse Button Control for me