Key smash help please

Hi all could you please help an ole chap who loves these macros but who’s wife asks when I have to keep bashing one of the keys?
What is “MS speed” can I get it from a software program or is it on special gaming keyboards?

Would love some with this.



MS = milliseconds. AutoHotKey is a good program for this, or a mouse/keyboard is good too.

I think there is an option in the GSE options now to set MS speed.

I used to button smash but as a arthritis sufferer the best investment i ever made was a gaming keyboard with software built in

Thank you Spoony,

what keyboard is that please?

Thank you Siodar, do you use a software and if so what one please?

There is lots around

I currently use a corsair K55 but other cheaper versions are skiller keyboards.

When I am home from work I’ll try and find some to post here.

Which country are you in?

Hi Spoony,

I am in the UK, but Rosdav has shown me how to install the software to do the key smash :slight_smile:I will buy a keyboard that does it when this one dies lol
Thank you for your help

Hey spoony,
I tried a search for a keyboard but can only find ones with media hotkeys is the Corsair K55 easy to program the keys?


Autohotkey is only one I know of at this moment. It’s free.

Does your keyboard not have them but in?