Key spammer for Mac

Apart for keyboard maestro what other applications are people using for looping macros on Mac OSx?

Why are you looking for an alternative?

I use Keyboard Maestro and find that it works, but I suppose a free alternative would be nice. :smile:


I am really struggling with Murgaa Abby, how are you using it, I can get it to spam say button 1 continously until I release the button?

You enter the key you want it to automate via the “Enter Keyboard Key to Automate Here”.

Set the delay, set the amount you want it to spam, and add a shortcut so that you can toggle it on and off.

Ok its the amount you want it to spam thats the issue, I guess you could set that to 20 but if you release the key it continues to spam and in a long fight 20 might not be enough so you are lifting and repressing the button…small issue

Set the amount to whatever you want. There’s a toggle that controls on/off regardless.

Hey Abby, Have you ever worked out how to run multiple keys in this instance, for example I can only run one copy of the program and only spam one key

Do you not have problems with it randomly stopping? When I try to use Murgee, it runs for like 5sec and then stops, I have to tab out and back to get it to continue