Key variables what buttons can i use?

Hello, just looking for a quick list of supported mod keys i can use in my macro. Seams like shift, alt, ctrl are the main three but looking to use a forth button how would i go about doing this?

This has been asked a few times. Try searching it here on the Forums or Google.

those are the 3 only keys for modding.

thanks siodar for the answer instead of a treasure hunt…:wink:

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hi mate,

not trying to be rude, nor am i biased in any direction, but honestly if you ask a question that’s been asked a hundred or more times, you’re gonna be told to search. it’s not because the mods are trying to make you “treasure hunt”, as you call it, it’s just because people get tired of answering the same question over and over. it really does get old. it’s like if you were forced to eat meatloaf ffor ever meal of every day. it gets tiresome. :slight_smile:


then just move on and dont get all haired up for someone asking… that way you wont be disappointed. .

I can see your point. And sure, i’m in the same boat as you. I say just move along and just ignore it. But, we’re humans, mate. The human race, as a whole, is apt to answer in a snarky way when provoked. It’s basic human nature. Not for all, sure, but for the majority that’s just how things are. It’s unavoidable, just as you asking the question without searching was unavoidable. Most will NOT search, but instead just go straight to asking. We, as a whole, are lazy, sarcastic, grumpy, and intoleragle. There ar5e definitely exceptions to all of this, some of this, and also none of htis. IIt depends solely on the person in question. :slight_smile:


You can also use combinations eg ctrlalt. The order of these matters as you have to put a combined mod ahead of the simple

/cast [mod:alt] spell1
/cast [mod:ctrlalt] spell2

Spell2 will never get cast as the line above it was found first. It needs to be laid out as the following instead.

/cast [mod:ctrlalt] spell2
/cast [mod:alt] spell1


that helps a bunch…thanks much. :wink: