~~KeyPress~~ spam in chat

So any time I hit enter, space, try to whisper someone, anything. It instead hijacks my keyboard and just spams KeyPress in chat. Even if I just click on the chat to type in general chat it spams Keypress in /say.

sounds like your macro is running and you run a macro with KeyPress in a block without actually having a KeyPress modifier

I just had that start happening too, noticed KeyPress no longer shows up in the name box for Variables and its gone from all my macros and wont let me type anything in it.

There is a bug listed on this at [BUG] Variable Section bugging out · Issue #899 · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler · GitHub

It happens to other people I can get it to happen to me. I literally need info over there on what is happening to cause this. Ie I don’t need “it happened to me” I need “ i did these 5 things and it happened”

I need it to happen when I do the same 5 things.

Im having an issue where macros wont save it just reverts back to its original macro after changing or modifying