KeyRelease issue or wow issue

I created this simple macro on a BM hunter to try and demonstrate what’s happening. I was expecting Arcane Shot to fire when Concussive Shot and Barbed Shot were on cooldown, but this doesn’t appear to happen. Is this simply a wow issue of having two GCD abilities and even though the first is on cooldown it wont execute the second?


Step Function: Sequential

Main Sequence: Wing Clip, Barbed Shot

KeyRelease: Arcane Shot

WoW will only attempt the first GCD ability it receives. If that on cooldown that’s your attempt gone this click even if something else after it is available.

Your KeyRelease will never be executed as it’s blocked by the lines in the main sequence.

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I just uploaded your macro to see what you have so far. Is it not important that Arcane shot fires after those two, like is there a proc, if so you could think about a cast sequence. If it isnt important you could just add arcane shot under the other two and maybe set it as a priority cast? or if those two spells need to be fire on cd maybe consider moving them to the pre macro and leave arcane shot in the normal macro or so? or possibly more arcane shot to post macro? Im not sure if there is exactly a way to shoot only those two but if they are on cd you shoot arcane shot without doing one of the above. you could also try to cast sequence concussive shot, arcane shot and barbed shot, arcane shot but having two separate would fire concussive, arcane, then barbed and arcane most likely so its also not an answer really. I will post a macro below to possibly help, I have barbed shot first but i think you should maybe switch the order so concussive is first so they are slowed immediately?

Sorry i couldnt help you really but hopefully one of these guesses could work.

Here is a quick macro i threw together to maybe elevate the problem, or at least its a start.

Click here for code


Thanks Buenor, this was not a BM macro for use but only to demonstrate a potential issue when having a GCD ability in the KeyRelease. There are some macros on this site with GCD abilities in the KeyRelease, sometimes more than one ability, and I was checking whether it was wow or gse that had the issue and it appears that it is wow because all gse is dong is sending two abilities every time (one from the sequence and what is in the key release) to wow and wow tries to execute the first but doesn’t do the second as the first is a GCD ability.

I need to understand all the rules to write better macros and this was an example of a specific rule.

Ok, I understand. Hopefully my post was at least somewhat helpful with your brainstorming.

Thanks for the question - I was about to ask the same.
It seems WoW version changed something with KeyRelease :frowning: