keyspeed vs. latency

Is there a general rule for how fast a macro should be fired vs. the latency of your wow connection.

Currently my wow connection latency is 21-22ms as shown by:
/run print("Current Latency: "…select(4,GetNetStats())…“ms.”)

I read somewhere that you should be firing faster than your latency, is that a good assumption?

if someone could clear this up for me, I just came from playing diablo 3 where numlocking buffs is a thing so on my keyboard they fire off at around 0ms if i hold down the key or 50ms if its just numlocked

There are a lot of theories around this, which I’ve found to be mostly untrue depending on the severity of your latency and the type of macro you’re using. By this, I mean that if you’re over 100ms, it’s best to run your macro at a rate 10 greater than your latency, so 110. However, anything under a latency of 100ms can be fired at whatever you desire, assuming that the macro was designed to be spammed and therefore will not skip sequences. For example, if your latency is 100ms and you’re using a Havoc Demon Hunter macro, it’s best to run 20-30ms because they’re designed to be spammed fast, but if your latency is 100ms and you’re using a Balance Druid macro, a more ideal firing speed would be 200-300ms based on the sequence of the macro and the cast-time consideration.

My latency is typically around 80ms. For my Demon Hunter, I fire at 30ms. For my Monk, I fire at 30ms, for my Balance Druid, I fire at 300-450ms.

How do you change the firing speed on the fly?
I, like many here, have several toons and I adjust my speed for all of them in the software for my keyboard so they all run at about 50ms (my latency is apporx 25ms). If there is a way to adjust within game or via addon I would love to know. :slight_smile: