Kill Command/Cobra shot macro

I’m trying to create a very simple macro to fire kill command when it’s available and cobra shot when it’s not available. When I first discovered GSE a few months back I tried to modify a priest macro for mindblast (that I can no longer find) and it wouldn’t work for me.

I ended up creating a macro that works sort of, that used two block type actions. The first one for kill command and the second for cobra shot. Now it’s hit or miss. Sometimes it casts them in order kill command then cobra shot, and sometimes it seems to work properly. I’ve always felt that I was doing something wrong by using two block actions. Can anyone give me some guidance on how to set this up or direct me to someplace I can find the information I am looking for? My google-fu isn’t helping me much.

Thank you for your time.

WoW has a limitation of one GCD command per click. In GSE a click is the equivalent of one action. GSE also can’t pet wows antibotting limits of telling which of those you can use. The “simple” solution is to spam the button so that it will use what it can when the GCd becomes free.