KISS Havoc - One Button Macro AOE/ST

Some of us are lazy, really lazy. Feel free to try this macro and pull out items, e.g. Metamorphosis. I use this with AHK at 25ms and push a key (2) to start, use arrows to move, then push the original key (2) to finish. I do have a second macro I use for vengeful retreat and fel rush on key 3.

/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=target vengeful retreat, fel rush




This macro contains 2 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.33. Change Default Version to 2, to use Metamorphosis on “Shift” modifier.

If you make improvements, let me know.

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Can you put Metamorphosis on a mod key, like Shift?

Added a shift modifier to version 2. Change the default version to 2.

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I’m new to this, so bear with me if it’s a dumb question. Why do you have “nonchanneling” in the line: /cast [nochanneling] Immolation Aura?

You would use nochanneling in a cast line to prevent the cast being called (in that case Immolation Aura) from interrupting a channeled ability (for example Eye Beam). It would be pretty frustrating to your rotation if you jump up, start an Eye Beam cast, then its immediately shut down because Immolation Aura is next in line and goes off. So, the no channeling line basically says “Do this ability so long as nothing is currently channeling”.

Hope that helps!

I’m a little confused about you pressing 2 to start then 2 to finish. What is the purpose of this? Or does it just fire the macro then when you press 2 it quits the macro? I usually put my macros on my mouse key and just have it set to “run while pushed” so the macro runs the whole time I have one of my mouse buttons pushed down. Would this not work with this? Mind you it’s been months and months since I’ve dusted off my DH so I haven’t played her in a while so not sure if the play style has changed or anything.

To me it sounds like when he pushes 2 the macro starts running and just keeps going until he presses 2 again to stop it, vs smashing a key or holding down a mouse button (which is what I do)