KISS - Havoc PVP (Version 2)

My KISS series are Keep It Simple Stupid macros

This is the Havoc Demon Hunter PVP one, enjoy. I got to 1k6 without thinking about it, can probably do more with game knowledge.


Usage Information

Burst spells, first cast is The Hunt, second cast is Metamorphosis:
The idea is to open wait for an Eye Beam cast, press Shift to make it The Hunt, wait for the Eye Beam metamorphosis to end, then press Shift again to go into full Metamorphosis for the second Eye Beam in a row.
Otherwise the Shift cast sequence should reset after 15 seconds allowing you to just use Shift to The Hunt when you have a burst window lined up and Metamorphosis is still on cooldown.

PVP Talents:
Chaotic Imprint,
Detainment/Reverse Magic depending on the matchup.

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.65.


Hello there! I quit Dragonflight when I hit 70 because I lost all my GSE macros in a Windows reset. I couldn’t find a decent macro for havoc and the import for the old macro wouldn’t work with the current GSE version. I play with a mouth controller because of neck down paralysis and GSE makes things so much easier for me. Your macro has allowed me to come back to the game, so thank you very much! I have one slight bit of input though. It feels like Sigil of Flame might be better suited deeper in the macro where fury gets low and starting with Immolation Aura instead. I could be wrong, but I would like to see v2 with these edits if it will run smooth; otherwise, well done!

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  1. hello i will update it to do that its a good idea, or at least make immolation aura the first spell in the order, i think i will rework it i have some ideas

  2. i was wondering since a main goal of mine is to make the macros both accessible “code” wise but also usability wise (not just a bunch of same spell spamming in sequential that makes 0 sense to me), and your input on this is valuable: how much of a hassle is it to use modifiers ? for now there is only 1 but i was thinking of putting the hunt also on a modifier to make more of a “bursting” windows type of macro than consistent damage
    i could keep it on the same modifier and make a castsequence The hunt, metamorphosis that resets fast so that the same modifier can be used to “burst” down people
    but having it on a separate modifier might also be a good idea
    maybe i should make a version of the macro without any modifiers thats more for “constant” pressure and one with modifiers that allows for manually controlled/aligned “burst” windows ?
    what do you think ?

edit: i updated it with a rework that feels smarter to me while doing the 1 modifier burst key while waiting for your input let me know if its any good
the main downside with the 1 modifier castsequence i can see is you cant cast Metamorphosis if you want to and The Hunt is on cooldown but the way i see it the “proper” burst wise thing to do would be wait for The Hunt to be up and wait for an Eye Beam cast that metamorphs you then Hunt then wait for the metamorph to end then have the burst modifier cast the Metamorphosis for the second Eye Beam
this means I also “enforce” this “burst window” playstyle rather than having you keep “optimal cooldown usage uptime” that would be more of a “constant damage over time” thing idk…

edit2: im realising the new version seems to compile to something that is bad also i need to look into that

edit3: fixed it

edit4: might make some weakauras

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I don’t personally use modifiers with this controller, QuadStick FPS game controller — QuadStick; however, I have a couple videos that could help you with what you want to do. Watch this:
That should give you some examples to work with on a burst rotation using /castsequence in a modifier.

As far as v2, it feels very clunky from fury starvation for some reason on my end. I’m not sure how much you changed. I think the first one feels better.

I’m going to test your macro today and hopefully will give you some feedback

Gotta tell you man, this macro is great. Been using it in BG’s and Solo shuffle and i’m always on the top dmg. Can you had some more modifiers like Shift for Hunt? I’ve changed the shift modifier to Alt as I used Shift+X in several spells and could really use a Ctrl modifier to apply other key spell.

Upvote this macro please because it’s really something joyfull to play.