Kløsterbrø Shadow BfA 8.X.X

how to: use vampiric touch manually (with clique as example) on target, spam single target macro. the same with aoe macro, use vampiric touch on all targets and spam aoe macro.

single target:

aoe (3+):

Thanks for these, they seem to work better for me when I change the step function to Sequential instead of priority.
Also ( because I’m super lazy ) I chose to use “Auspicious Spirits” over “Shadowcrash” as I never keep track of my mouse cursor and always forget to keep it on targets.
I also added “/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=target Vampiric Touch, null” to the start of the macro so it casts Vamp Touch on every new target, then you don’t have to cast it manually at the start of each rotation.

Currently lvl 111 , Ilvl 207 with trash gear, attacking lvl 110 target dummy in Dazar’Alor
Getting 3.4k Burst at the start then smooths out to 2.3-2.4k DPS over 2 minutes.


thanks for feedback, updated

Any chance you could post the updated version?

post yours plz

i just imported these 2 macros but they wont give me a macro button to drag to action bar
the macro button shows up as a book and it doesnt do anything
can anyone pls help me fix this issue and make the macro work

Highlight the macro and down the bottom there should be a button called Create Icon should turn the book into a red question mark