Kohtas' Balance Druid (modified version of Ozy's Balance Druid)

This is a modified version of ‘Ozy’s Balance Druid Single target Dps M+ & Raid’ macro.

Removed auto targeting, Rebirth and modifier for CDs (I recommend making a separate macro for Celestial Alignment and trinkets, will share in post). Also added an AOE [@cursor] macro. Everything else is exactly the same, thank you to Ozy for providing me the frame work to make this macro!

Run @65ms or your latency + 5 to prevent any weird issues. Otherwise you can run it as fast as you want, although it’s a static rotation so running it any faster than your latency may have either no results or poor results.

Sim is ~50,684 using Target Dummy option on Raidbots and Details! screenshot is after ~5min of running the macro using the in game Raider’s Training Dummy, with similar gear you can expect spikes of ~70-80k DPS but average is ~50k+

I currently run N/H Ny’alotha as well as M+10-15s and pull my own weight.

These numbers are to prove the viability of the macros and nothing else, take it with a grain of salt as your results may be much better or much worse depending on gear and itemization.

Always sim new gear using Raidbots and SimC to make sure you get the most out of it.

Macro for CDs (Uses trinkets and pops CA)

#showtooltip Celestial Alignment
/use 13
/use 14
/cast Celestial Alignment






I really like this. Nice job. Just using it for leveling right now but it’s really smooth and I like the @cursor AOE.

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Good Job mate ,appreciated :pray:

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For some reason, during testing the AoE macro outperforms the single target macro by a large margin, even on single targets.

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@AbortedShadow not sure why that would be, all I can assume is gear and/or traits and/or essences. I have the the opposite problem where I don’t get great DPS using the single target macro in AoE unless there’s ~10+ enemies. The AoE macro was made more or less because no one else really had anything similar. All it does is replace Starsurge with Starfall in the static rotation.

You may have a LOT more haste than me so you may be able to fit more Solar Wraths and Lunar Strikes into the rotation. A good test to see if this is the case would be to add 1 more of each spell at the beginning of the cast sequences in the macro itself. If you try this then please let me know how it works out.

Also if you could let me know what MS you’re running the macro at and what your in game Latency is that may be a factor.

Appreciate you taking the time to let me know this!

excellent macro thank you, question which azerite essences should be used?

@gamers I just go with what sims best for me, you should check out Raidbots and SimC (Raidbots importer adon) to find which is best for you. It’s going to depend on your Hast/Crit on gear as well as essence levels, although some are considered “the best” it may not be so for your character.

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I think what was happening was it was getting hung up on it since its set as sequential, so it was trying to force fire off the starsurge. It seems to have resolved itself after I deleted and reloaded the macro, so maybe i was missing a letter. I should have troubleshooted it instead of posting, as my wife probably just didnt know the difference between the two.

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@AbortedShadow No worries, glad you got it resolved. If any other issues come up please let me know, I’ll be trying to stay ahead of any issues going into Shadowlands and will be updating it properly once Shadowlands PTR or pre-patch is released.

Yeah I tend to do a lot of testing on my macros so I know how much help it is to have others use it. She goes on vacation next week so I’ll let you know if i find anything else out.

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Hi, thanks for the macro. I’m having an issue where I dot a target using sunfire and moonfire, switch to a new target and dot, then when I switch back to my original target the macro casts sunfire/moonfire again even though there’s 20+ secs left on it. Any way to fix that?

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Unfortunately no, the only way to do that would be to have the dots on a separate macro. This macro works best if you just pick a target and let it go, even in AoE. Multi-doting won’t add much more DPS if any at all, if you take the talents suggested you should have plenty of cleave to deal with any size groups, you can use the AoE macro in large AoE situations (15+ mobs) but aside from that don’t concern yourself with multi-doting.

Even if you play manually you don’t benefit much from multi-doting right now given the weak nature of Balance’s dot damage. Should be much better in Shadowlands though, although I’ll be swapping to Ele Shaman most likely because Balance feels clunky and awkward to play with or without a macro so I won’t be updating this after that.

Gotcha. Ty for the reply :slight_smile:

Is this macro still up to date?
Looking too try all balance macros see which works best for me this one looks too be the best so far!

This is for 8.0 so dont think this is up to date.