Krom's Destro Raid macros - 10.2 - ST and AE keys - updated dec 18 2023

I started making GSE macros because I notice over the years the community of people making them has dropped significantly. If you like my macros feel free to let me know by buying me a coffee for my time!
Venmo: @Kromulok


updated 10.2
250ms (125up 125down)
Shift = Rain of Fire@cursor (on ST macro only. It is built into the ae macro, still at cursor)
Alt = Summon Infernal

Notes of the build:
with ROF getting 12% increase, we need an ROF build with havoc. This is it. It also parses higher than the others on ST.
ST @ 3 min I am getting 135 to 137k dps

I have been inspired by, used the same content from, incorporated code, borrowed ideas and implemented work in conjunction with my own creativity and coding, to make this macro in its current form, from the following. I intend to list anyone and everyone that may or may not have been a part in the past, present and future so to not get accused of intentionally stealing work or being rude and not mentioning where it may or may not have come from. Without further ado, the list of incredibly talented people I loved working with and borrowing from is as follows:
IcyVeins, Raidbots, Wowhead, Wow Fourms, Reddit wow, WLM, elfyau, gaupanda, youta, dek, cbunting, scary larry, legion, anyone that thought about a script in my macro but never actually implemented it (thinking counts too!), darks, zookeeper, golden, bam, dad bod, zygor, my wife who doesn’t use macros, siodar for modding me, edah, tlaatu, valashar, trilliojr, destructos, tiny, boredjoey, chimichanga, fumatafaka, jorgito, chopasuey, gekni and finally kiadarkley for moral support. Also anyone else that I may not have mentioned, I wouldn’t want anyone felt left out.



ST macro


AE macro

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Please test it out and provide constructive feedback. This is ready for the ROF 12% increase. This is a build with Rain of Fire and Havoc.

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Issue im having is when im using the AoE macro it always casts chaos bolt at 2 shards so it doesnt get enough shards to recast RoF before it casts Chaos. Also in ST when i shift to use RoF it wont cast anything else, when i use Legions AoE it still casts all other spells and just casts RoF when it gets enough enough shards

I played more today and noticed the same thing. Too many chaos bolts. I am going to tweak it tomorrow to make it better.

as for legions - im admittedly a huuuuge fan of his work. My issue with his is its broken down for one or the other and mainly for m+. I raid. I need one talent tree that can do both high st and the rof ae. I cant do that with his. Two different talent trees for the 2 macros.

That is what led me to make mine. I will tweak tomorrow if you dont mind checking back to test with me. Thanks!

For sure, i love what you’re going for and would love to use it so i look forward to the tweaked version! thanks a lot.

New AE macro version up on the original post now. Performing WAY better now. I rearranged some order of things and removed chaos bolt alltogether from the entire AE macro. The only time to use that is if you are low on mobs and not wanting to ae - so if thats the case use your ST macro on them.

The way AE macro is working now is it is producing so many shards that ROF is casting nearly non stop, which is great considiering tomorrows 12% dps boost in it. I am currently getting 168k dps over 3 min on dummies

Test out and provide feed back.


Last nights raids went great with this macro - check it out !


Heroic Larodar just now

I seem to be doing way less damage for some reason. Maybe im doing something wrong

what is your ilvl ? obviously things can be vastly diff by gear level and types of gear too, like i have nymes trinket.

also do you use the programable macro for 125ms on your mouse/keyboard for this macro? thats a huge part of it

I personally prefer two separate builds for ST and AOE and just switch between them during the raid. That way, you are getting the best AOE and best ST builds; otherwise, one of them is going to be a bit off in terms of potential. I will try yours after reset, though, and I’m sure it’s great.

So at ilvl 465 with some whack trinkets, I ended at 145k @ 4 mins (two cycles of infernal) AOE. Not bad at all!

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thank you, I am glad you like it! I am new at writing these so I appreciate any and all feedback.

I’m having some trouble getting RoF to fire (it wants to, but isn’t for some reason) on the ST macro. Not a huge deal. I did notice ST caps out at about 3 shards, could maybe edit a bit to build up closer to 5

yes, i need to address this too - on the ST macro, its really hit or miss. I stopped trying to use it on there myself. easier to swap to AE macro for rof

In any case, as it stands I get about 125k @ 4 mins on ST!

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Last nights raid performance with this macro. Top 5 every fight, most cases top 3.

Im changed a bit in your macro…
/cast [mod:alt, @cursor, nochanneling] Summon Infernal

and it work great :slight_smile:

i put that in my keypress and it still doesnt cast it at cursor. can you tell me exactly where you put it?


Make sure your self cast is not on auto and is on none, if it is on auto alt will target yourself and therefore cast on you.
Its in the game settings

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