Krom's DH Havoc Raid macro - 10.2 - updated dec 13 2023

I started making GSE macros because I notice over the years the community of people making them has dropped significantly. If you like my macros feel free to let me know by buying me a coffee for my time!
Venmo: @Kromulok


ALT - Vengeful Retreat
updated for 10.2
250ms (125up 125down)

I have been inspired by, used the same content from, incorporated code, borrowed ideas and implemented work in conjunction with my own creativity and coding, to make this macro in its current form, from the following. I intend to list anyone and everyone that may or may not have been a part in the past, present and future so to not get accused of intentionally stealing work or being rude and not mentioning where it may or may not have come from. Without further ado, the list of incredibly talented people I loved working with and borrowing from is as follows:
IcyVeins, Raidbots, Wowhead, Wow Fourms, Reddit wow, WLM, elfyau, gaupanda, youta, dek, cbunting, scary larry, legion, anyone that thought about a script in my macro but never actually implemented it (thinking counts too!), darks, zookeeper, golden, bam, dad bod, zygor, my wife who doesn’t use macros, siodar for modding me, edah, tlaatu, valashar, trilliojr, destructos, tiny, boredjoey, chimichanga, fumatafaka, jorgito, chopasuey, gekni and finally kiadarkley for moral support. Also anyone else that I may not have mentioned, I wouldn’t want anyone felt left out.



One button macro:


I am ilvl 419 with no buffs or food and pulling about 55k

Quick SIM says I should be 86k if everything perfect

Test it out, I am new at this. Welcome all constructive feedback to make it better! Thanks

im surprised nobody has tried this , it out dps’s any of the other ones on here currently.

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personally (for me anyhow)

the momentum - inertia build - is way too much for me to handle

I mean look at all this
The opening sequence for Havoc is quite set in stone, hinging on your management of some key talents - most importantly Chaotic Transformation Icon Chaotic Transformation.

  1. Pre-cast Immolation Aura Icon Immolation Aura 2 seconds before the pull.
  2. Pre-cast Sigil of Flame Icon Sigil of Flame 1 second before the pull.
  3. Cast Fel Rush Icon Fel Rush consume Unbound Chaos Icon Unbound Chaos and trigger Inertia Icon Inertia.
  4. Cast The Hunt Icon The Hunt.
  5. Cast Immolation Aura Icon Immolation Aura if it was reset by A Fire Inside Icon A Fire Inside.
  6. Repeat the Immolation Aura Icon Immolation Aura / Fel Rush Icon Fel Rush cycle until a reset does not occur.
  7. Cast Eye Beam Icon Eye Beam.
  8. Cast Vengeful Retreat Icon Vengeful Retreat to trigger Initiative Icon Initiative.
  9. Cast Essence Break Icon Essence Break.
  10. Cast Death Sweep Icon Death Sweep.
  11. Cast Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis to reset Eye Beam Icon Eye Beam / Death Sweep Icon Death Sweep cooldowns.
  12. Cast Death Sweep Icon Death Sweep.
  13. Cast Annihilation Icon Annihilation until Essence Break Icon Essence Break expires.
  14. Cast Eye Beam Icon Eye Beam.
  15. Continue with the normal priority list.

like serious ? this is wow-“lazy”-macros for a reason . . . lol – just my 2cents

im not really understanding what you are saying?

I based the macro off of icy veins suggested rotation and the macro performs. No other macro available currently gives me the same dps. I manually do fel rush as having it in the macro can put you in places you dont want to be. same with vengeful retreat i have that modded to control when you use it.

Nice one Krom, giving me a slight boost in dps and runs smoothly.
Thanks for your work!

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It’s working great. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Just don’t raid as much as m+. Consider making an m+ macro and I’ll certainly test it out!

Can you share a screenshot of the talent tree?

shared now in original post

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literally created an account to say nice man :wink:

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wow thank you so much !

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Tested this out and it PUMPS!! only thing i would add would to be to have another version with out throw glaive. if you have your set the blade dance will cast it for you maybe replace it with chaos nova if people dont mind playing it on cooldown.

i changed out the throw glaive to demon’s bite works out pretty good also if you could put meta on maybe modify keypress (shift) that would be nice

It pumps pretty well at the start but falls off over time. 20 seconds in I’m pushing 190k, but by the time we hit 1 min I’m down to 110k and at 3 mins I end around 95k. It starts to hang up around 40 seconds in - not doing much of anything but throw glaive when Blade Dance, Chaos Strike, and Felblade are available.

This is without using retreat or rush.

A quick sim (no buffs) puts me at 149k - 477ilvl - 4 PC set

i made a small edit let me know what you7 think i love the way your macro is i just like to use Elisian decree and i took meta out
also changed the talentts to match my playstyle