Krom's Holy DPS macro - 10.2 - updated Jan 4 2024

I started making GSE macros because I notice over the years the community of people making them has dropped significantly. If you like my macros feel free to let me know by buying me a coffee for my time!
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updated 10.2
250ms (125up 125down)
Alt = Desperate Prayer

Notes of the build:
This is a DPS macro for when spec’d in a Holy Raid Heal build. So when you need to dps you can use the macro. When soloing you can use it.

at 3 min single target it pulls 32k at ilvl 450

I have been inspired by, used the same content from, incorporated code, borrowed ideas and implemented work in conjunction with my own creativity and coding, to make this macro in its current form, from the following. I intend to list anyone and everyone that may or may not have been a part in the past, present and future so to not get accused of intentionally stealing work or being rude and not mentioning where it may or may not have come from. Without further ado, the list of incredibly talented people I loved working with and borrowing from is as follows:
IcyVeins, Raidbots, Wowhead, Wow Fourms, Reddit wow, WLM, elfyau, gaupanda, youta, dek, cbunting, scary larry, legion, anyone that thought about a script in my macro but never actually implemented it (thinking counts too!), darks, zookeeper, golden, bam, dad bod, zygor, my wife who doesn’t use macros, siodar for modding me, edah, tlaatu, valashar, trilliojr, destructos, tiny, boredjoey, chimichanga, fumatafaka, jorgito, chopasuey, gekni and finally kiadarkley for moral support. Also anyone else that I may not have mentioned, I wouldn’t want anyone felt left out.



DPS Macro


let me know any constructive feedback

It works well, looking forward to the tring for 5 player dungeons.

Hey buddy, do you have a healing macro as well? Thanks !